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I am writing this message at an interesting juncture in the history of Globsyn Business School (GBS). Thanks to our continuous strive to elevate the level of quality education we provide at our institute and the success we see in the professional career of our alumni, we have achieved an important milestone - we have been able to join the prestigious club of business schools who are accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA). It is not only very special feather in the institute's cap, but also a laurel of recognition for each and every one of us - the faculty, the students, administration, management, our peers - whoever has been associated with us in the past and at the present in this long triumphant journey.

I am very proud to be associated with an organization who has evidently set a level of excellence and is continuously striving to raise the bar. It is not a surprise that GBS has witnessed a record level of popularity in recent years among the aspiring student community as their destination of choice for management education. Under the able leadership, GBS is committed to providing a 360° learning environment. Apart from academics, under the umbrella of Beyond Education, GBS champions a number of activities targeted to various social causes involving the management students with a view to kindling the true spirit of connecting management with social responsibilities.

GBS has been very proactive in reaching out to industry, setting up network, and partnering with their continuous pursuit of improvement. This kind of programs not only give our students ample opportunities to learn what business acumen and leadership are all about, but also keep our faculty in the forefront of recent corporate trends and organizational developments . We plan to expand such programs and include more global organizations in our reach out.

There is no doubt that GBS has stepped into an exciting period. Together let's carry the torch forward into the new era we're entering!

Dr. Asit Datta
Globsyn Business School


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