Career Milestones

  • A Project entitled 'Starting a New Venture in Investment Casting' done at Cranfield as a part of Entrepreneurship and New Ventures course, was acclaimed highly by industry and media in 1975
  • Became Works Manager of Business Combine Ltd. at the age of 29
  • Became General Manager of Indian Oxygen at the age of 39
  • Became Chief Executive, Eastern Region of BOC at the age of 53
  • Was the Head of Corporate Planning and Diversification of Indian Oxygen and influenced the thinking of Govt. of India to change the MRTP Law for high technology
  • Became the Asst. Editor of 'Metals', a journal of the Indian Institute of Metals in 1978
  • Became General Secretary of All India Gases Manufacturing Association in 1981
  • Attended Top Management Programme of AIMA in 1982 at Srinagar
  • Presented a paper entitled, 'Application of Cryogenic Technology in Food Chain' at the International Conference in Bangkok in 1982 which was internationally acclaimed
  • Introduced Industrial Marketing course at IIMC in 1986 when no book existed on the subject

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