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Globsyn Business School Ties up with Global HR Leader ManpowerGroup for Unique Two-year Post-Grad Programme That Combines Classroom Learning with Live Experience

Kolkata, 6 May 2015: Globsyn Business School (GBS), the leading business management institution in eastern India, has introduced a postgraduate programme in management (PGPM) in Human Resource, in partnership with ManpowerGroup, which has been the world’s workforce expert for more than 65 years. This collaboration between GBS and ManpowerGroup, world leader in innovative workforce solutions, results in a unique programme in which aspiring student managers are provided an equal mix of academic knowledge with intensive practice-based learning in a live workspace environment over the two-year curriculum. GBS’ PGPM-HR aims to push the frontiers of knowledge with effective exchange between institution and industry, bringing Management Apprenticeship to mainstream Business Management Education.

Our country has had an Apprentice Act since 1961, which got further amended in 2014, but has not seen many academic institutions executing such programmes. The GBS-ManpowerGroup joint programme addresses all the objectives of the Act and more. The implementation of this act has been possible as private player are more agile and adaptive.

The growing pressure of competition in an increasingly knowledge-based economy is turning HR management into an imperative. The question was how Globsyn, which has always been at the cutting edge of knowledge dissemination with concepts like the Knowledge Finishing School System, could contribute to a transformation in HR management. The answer was this postgraduate programme which will equip students to design and implement HR management approaches that they have learnt in the classroom and test them out in a real-life environment. With this programme, Globsyn Business School will reassess facts and frameworks of HR management as currently taught and merge them with development of individual skills and techniques, a practice that lies at the heart of HR management to prepare industry-ready young management professionals who can contribute to an organisation from day-one.

The two-year programme is divided into four semesters with semesters I and II focusing on classroom learning, provide by Globsyn Business School, and semesters III and IV being dedicated to industrial apprenticeship at ManpowerGroup. Said Rahul Dasgupta, Joint Managing Director, Globsyn Group, “This innovation follows a number of unique initiatives that make GBS a leader in preparing managers ready for the corporate world of tomorrow. We are excited that a Fortune 500 company like ManpowerGroup have agreed to partner with us in this programme. With the wide scope of their HR consulting and solutions business our students will be exposed to global best practices applied by qualified practitioners. We are confident this will help our students succeed over the long-term.

Speaking about their association with GBS for the newly-introduced programme, Vishnu Dev, Director – Manpower, ManpowerGroup said, “To equip the youth with the skills they need to succeed in the world of work, providing them with the tools and opportunities to develop their careers is our priority. The programme will help to service a dire need of industry – that of producing students who are able to apply the knowledge gained out of their two years of learning, immediately in the work environment. Our role in the programme features practical application, underlying rationale and current issues of human resources, provide a foundation for good management skills over their career.

With admissions capped at 20 seats, students opting for the GBS-ManpowerGroup joint PGPM-HR shall be defined by their desire to become a distinctive part of any corporate environment. The academic part of the programme will be delivered at Globsyn’s 8-acre, state-of-the-art campus at Kolkata. The first batch opens with the 2015-16 academic session. To be eligible for admission, applicants are required to have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent (10+2+3). GBS accepts students with CAT or MAT scores. In addition students seeking to get into Globsyn Business School are required to appear for the GAT (Globsyn Admissions Test) examination and interviews.

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