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Interviews can be tricky!

What is an interview if it does not leave you bamboozled; if it does not make you feel like you are stupid and leave you thinking  that there are many things in heaven and earth that cannot possibly be dreamt of either in philosophy or management studies! In any case there are take-aways  even from interview questions that leave you flummoxed.


Let’s count the blessings; (a) you come out wiser, believing that you now have a better chance of making it to the Roadies final (b) you think you have achieved something by still having your sanity intact (c) you have an excuse for not getting the job. So this post really is for everyone out there looking for jobs but find themselves dealing with interviewers who border on the sadistic. Take a look at some of the questions that have been asked at interviews by interviewers who look and talk like you and me but can turn into perfectly cheeky monsters once they step inside the interview room.


  • Who do you think will win a fight between Batman and Superman?

Now who on earth ever prepares for a question like that! For all you know the interviewer hasPic1 been pestered with this question by some annoying kid at home and wants to have some fun at your expense. You could come up with an answer like, ”the audience of course, who will be lucky enough to see the fight!” and hope that the interviewer will let you off the hook on that.

  • What would you do if you were the only survivor of an earthquake in a mall?

Your answer to this one has to do with what must be on your mind when you are dealing with questions of this kind, ”RUN!”

  • If you woke up and found that you had 1000 unread e-mails and you were allowed to answer only 300 of them, how would you choose which ones to answer?

For all you know this is what you will be in for after you get the job. Your response has to do with whether you want such a job at all. So, “an automated response Sir/Ma’am, ’out-of office’ to everybody” is not a bad answer.


  • If you were on a desert and could bring only three things, what would you bring?

Faced with such questions, with your adrenaline choosing “flight” as a reasonable option, think of something like this for an answer – “a helicopter, a pilot and a map, to fly away from the desert as soon as I possibly can!”

  • How many square feet of pizza are eaten in India every year?

Has the interviewer gone out of his mind? The question is crazy and so your answer must really be in the same vein, ”Zero. For pizzas don’t have square feet.”

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