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Kindness Quotient


Companies today,have changed the pattern of organization thinking. The focus now is handling employees with care. After PQ (Physical Quotient), IQ (Intelligent Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient), SQ (Spiritual Quotient), it is right time for firms to take a look at KQ or Kindness Quotient.

Kindness has a direct effect on tenure of personnel, output, creativity, teamwork and employee engagement scores.Everything smoothly multiplies when employees feel happy and comfortable and believe that employers are fair and transparent, concerned and genuine in shaping an environment for them to excel.Acts of forgiveness, appreciation, kindness raise organizations to enhanced levels and make them profitable when done in a regulated and controlled fashion.Caring managers and positive, healthy work environment are essential to sustain engaged employees. Happiness is to employees what profit is to enterprises.

How can then, an organization increase its Kindness Quotient?

Here are specific measures:

  • Prioritize on the health and welfare of employees
  • Empathy and Understanding be important core values the organization subscribes to
  • Showing respect,compassion and humanity for colleagues and customers
  • Working for communities the organization serves
  • Creating belief in senior leadership through acts of benevolence
  • Fostering relationship with immediate manager
  • Instilling a culture of mutual charm, dignity and trust
  • Focusing on values rather than on volumes
  • Stressing on capabilities rather than on pure assets
  • Being proactive rather than being reactive
  • Emphasizing on network rather than on hierarchy alone
  • Aiming at interdependence rather than on mere independence
  • Harping more on delegation and empowerment rather than on pure command and control
  • Encouraging on “Adult-Adult” instead of “Parent-Adult”
  • Signifying the importance of long-term perspective in lieu of short-term perspective

This may not be feasible readily. Organizations also, need to take one step at a time.

People working in organizations need to realize that they are taken care of well. A holistic approach takes into consideration both material and emotional needs of employees. One important aspect is the support of the immediate family-members. A conscious effort to bring in the employee’s spouse in taking interest for the career of the concerned employee is pivotal to sustained employee engagement. The organization in the process ties an emotional knot with the employees curbing attrition and promoting loyalty. Kindness Quotient will rise if compassion and care form the fulcrum and will result in Total Employee Involvement. The ultimate result will be mutually gainful for both employers and employees.

(Contributed By: Dr. Debaprasad Chattopadhyay. Dr. Chattopadhyay is the HOD of HR Department in Globsyn Business School.)

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