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Globsyn Management Conference – Curtain Raiser


Globsyn Business School (GBS) is organizing the second Globsyn Management Conference (GMC) on 18th December, 2015 and we spoke to the Joint Convenors of GMC, Prof. Ipsita Patranabis and Prof. Sangita Duttagupta, to get a brief preview of the event. Given below is an excerpt of the conversation.


As the Joint Convenor of GMC, what according to you is the objective of the conference?

GBS looks at management education as the application of knowledge gained in class through continuous practice such that the industry gets ready talent who can be useful to the organisation. To keep up with the best practices in the industry and to be aware of the ever-changing market conditions, regular, thorough research is essential. It is only through research that a B-school can develop a curriculum that is relevant to the global trends. Research also contributes to improving the academic environment of an institution and conferences like GMC provides a platform to the academic fraternity to share their thoughts with the student community. At GMC we have a dedicated segment for student research presentations which should act as a motivation for academically inclined students to pursue research. Thus promoting research, upgrading the curriculum, building an academia-industry forum and providing an opportunity to GBS students to interact with the best minds from the academia and the industry has been the objective of GMC.

Who will be the keynote speaker this year at GMC?

This year we have an elite presence at GMC both from academics and industry. The keynote speaker will be Mr. R.N. Kar, who is the Regional Director (Kolkata) of Reserve Bank of India and his address would be followed by a panel discussion among Prof. (Dr.) Biju Paul Abraham, Dean (Academic), IIM(C), Prof. (Dr.) Soumendra De, Menlo College (USA), Prof. (Dr.) Imon Ghosh, former Director, AHRD (Ahmedabad) and Mrs. Suchitra Guha, former Head HR/IR, Tata Steel Limited. The session will be moderated by Prof. (Dr.) Ajitava Raychaudhuri of Department of Economics, Jadavpur University. Prof. (Dr.) Malabika Sarkar, Principal Advisor (Academic), Ashoka University and Ex (Vice Chancellor) of Presidency University is our Chief Guest and she will be delivering the inaugural lecture.

Can you tell us a little bit about the theme of GMC 2015?

With the rise of disposable incomes, the industry today has a huge opportunity to make gains. But with the global market changing every day, the industry is also facing the challenge of coping up with changes. Therefore the best organizations today are those which are most adaptable. It is not the survival of the strongest but the survival of the most innovative that we are witnessing now. To understand how management education should respond to these conditions, this year we have “Changing Business Scenario & Evolving Management Practices” as the theme of GMC and find out how the academia and the industry can collaborate on the issue.

In what way do you think is GMC different from conferences held in other B-schools?

Yes, conferences are held in other B-schools as well. But where I think GBS is different is the way in which GBS seeks to involve the industry in academics so that the gap between academia and the industry is minimized. It is important that management institutes today cater to the needs of the industry and the industry understand the priorities of the academia such that the two together can evolve a system which best serves the interests of the student community. At GBS ,this is what we have always looked to do and that is where I think GMC is different from similar conferences held elsewhere.

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