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KYLF Blood Donation Drive


The Kalyani Youth Leadership Forum organized a blood donation camp at the Globsyn Knowledge Campus on 16th December, 2015. Student volunteers of KYLF approached various corporate and factories in and around Amtala to invite their employees to join in and donate their time and blood for this noble cause.

The Blood Donation Drive started at 10 am in the morning. The Seminar Hall at GBS was set up with temporary beds and made conducive and hygienic for the Blood Donation Drive. One by one, the students lined up to get themselves examined by the doctors from the hospital. A majority of the students were first time donors and were a bit apprehensive about the entire process but they were cheered on and guided by the experienced donors. With each student being encouraged by another – the crowd of donors swelled and there was a palpable excitement in the air about the drive.

All the expenses pertaining to organizing the Blood Donation Drive were borne by Kalyani – a Bikram Dasgupta Foundation, including the appropriate refreshments that were served to the donors. A total of 77 units of blood were collected from the drive which were donated to the Saroj Gupta Cancer Centre and Research Institute. The 15 students whose blood was not drawn due to medicines they were taking or low blood pressure issues, were very disappointed – but stayed on to cheer and encourage those who were permitted to donate blood.

Each donor was issued a Certificate in the form of a Donor Credit Card through which one can procure blood for free from the blood bank for themselves or immediate family members. For any future medical needs for friends, he/she can procure blood at a minimal cost of Rs.100 per packet/bottle.
Blood Donation is a selfless act and there is no caste, racism, religion, ethnicity or politics involved in it and for most first time donors at KYLF, it was a very moving experience.

All the KYLF volunteers had a smile on their faces after the drive was over as deep down in their hearts, they knew that they had managed to create a difference in someone’s life that day.


[Reported By Ashmita Ray. Ashmita is a second year student of PGPM Program of Globsyn Business School and Vice President of Kalyani Youth Leadership Forum.]