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Entre-arena – the curtain raiser



Embyon – the E-cell of Globsyn Business School in association with the NEN Network of The Wadhwani Foundation will be participating in the NEN e-Week and presenting Entre-arena. As part of e-Week, Entre-arena will be held on 23rd February (Tuesday) from 11.30 am to 3 pm at the Globsyn Knowledge campus.

Entre-arena has been conceptualised as a live fair event where the students of Globsyn Business School promote and sell real products to real customers and generate revenue. It started as an extension of BRMA – Business Research Methodology and Application paper where classroom learning of research techniques is used to bring a product to the market. Products which need better public awareness are carefully selected before a brand building exercise is undertaken. For the students, the entire experience is a thorough learning in Marketing and stems from the projects that they are assigned at the beginning of the 2nd semester. Entre-arena is a competitive event where evaluation is based on both quantitative and qualitative parameters.

Teams made up of GBS students will be setting up their stalls and counters on campus. Prices of items for sale will be clearly displayed. Teams will be competing across all categories of products and the team with the highest net profit will be declared the winners. GBS students are being encouraged to come up with innovative ideas to keep their cost structure low, achieve break-even at the earliest and generate maximum revenue. A dedicated audit team will be keeping track of all transactions and will be monitoring all sales. A stringent quality check procedure is in place to ensure that the food items are fresh and fit to be sold to the interested customers. Some of the products on sale include homemade chicken, handmade chocolate, dokra art and fashion accessories.

There is a great deal of excitement among the GBS students who are looking forward to Entre-arena to showcase their talent in entrepreneurship and sharpen their creative skills in marketing a product.


[Reported by Abhishek Bhagat. Abhishek is a first year student of Globsyn Business School and President of Embryon – the entrepreneurship cell of the school]

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