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DSC_0131_cropReshmi Dutt, who is currently studying in first year at Globsyn Business School’s Post Graduate Management program recollects her experiences from the past year, having started the pre-foundation classes a year ago on March 23, 2015.

Globsyn Business School believes in learning ‘Beyond Education’. And, it is through elements like Globsyn Management Conference, Globsyn Annual Lecture Series, Serendipity, Kalyani Youth Leadership Forum, EMBRYON and Globsyn Alumni Engage that we spread the concept of ‘Beyond Education’ with all our stakeholders.

The Globsyn Management Conference has been designed for academicians, the Globsyn Annual Lecture Series is aimed at corporates, Kalyani Youth Leadership Forum helps students imbibe the practice of selfless social work as an integral part of their lives and EMBRYON aims at encouraging entrepreneurship among our students by nurturing these ideas. While Globsyn Alumni Engage helps GBS alumni connect to the school, Serendipity is a learning experience for our students, providing them with a platform to put their classroom learning into practice and to get a peek into the challenges of corporate life.

Read on to know how learning ‘Beyond Education’ has touched Reshmi and is making her a complete ‘young manager’, looking to start her career in the corporate world.


Fate throws us so many challenging opportunities. But do we, the young minds of this country, future entrepreneurs, have what it takes to be out in the world and face anything under the Sun? All of us who are young and fresh out of college will say no just like me. I didn’t even know what I would with my life after I barely managed to graduate in 2014. Just like any normal graduate, I too wanted a good job and a successful career. But the major question that I kept on pondering about was what kind of job would suit me or where should I work so that it would be good for my career?

A life changing experience happened after I met one of the admission coordinators at Globsyn Business School with a college friend. After a long and a frank conversation it actually gave a perspective on my future. Then I realized that to have a good career or crack an interview I not only needed an unconventional post graduate degree but also proper grooming, confidence and enough knowledge to do it. I got an assurance about all of it after I interacted with the Dean and one of the senior faculties here. Hence I finally held my heart in my hand and took admission in Globsyn Business School. Exactly one year later, honestly, I am not sorry for the decision I had made.

From the pre-foundation which I started on 23rd March 2015, each and every day was a new experience for me, be it good or bad, sad or happy. I use to be excited to go to college every day. Frankly I have to admit that life is not a bed of roses. We have to admit that we will never get every single thing we wish for but the faculties here will do their best and make us ready enough to make our wishes come true.

On a serious note, one has to realize that these two years are not going to be easy, we all need to have massive dedication towards classroom teaching, PowerPoint presentations and examinations. They may not directly help in the interview panel, but the knowledge and experience you are going to have will not only help in getting the job but also retain it and flourish in the future. Professors are mild critics here. Sometimes their negative words can have a major positive influence in our lives. They have so many sides. Sometimes they are going to be your friend and enjoy playing table tennis with you, discuss movies, books, American television series and music, crack funny jokes and share hilarious moments with you. Again at the same time they are going to spare their own valuable time and sit with you in the cafeteria or in the library and discuss all the important subjects, question answers, case studies and business articles. One more important fact is that they will always help us to get the confidence on how to speak proper English and at the same time speak in front of a large audience without any fear or nervousness. One of our senior professors (Prof. Arpita Chowdhury) even goes that extra mile to teach English lessons to students with a communication problem. She is also in charge of student development and takes up the challenge of grooming the personalities of the students so that we are all perfectly ready to face the world. Honestly, I didn’t even know that I could speak so well in English (every one claims that!) till I came here. I grab every opportunity I get to write or speak in front of a large crowd because I know very well that this is the only place that will help me to boost my confidence and make me a better speaker. I extensively took part in various activities conducted by another very popular faculty (Dr. Debraj Datta), and it played a major role in my life in overall self-development and one of the most amiable professors in the college. He is not only a great mentor but also a great teacher and has extensive knowledge in quantitative aptitudes and marketing.

I had the pleasure of attending various corporate seminars, conferences organized in the campus and outside which gave me many valuable insights on how the corporate world works, latest industry trends and what is expected of us, being the future managers of multinational industries. Under the strong mentorship of another professor (Dr. Sangita Duttagupta) we run an entrepreneurship cell – Embryon. I am extremely proud to be a part of such a wonderful creation which is not only a valuable addition to my career but also to the college as a whole. Ma’am, has made me a board member (Joint Director – Human Capital) of the Globsyn student body. We arrange various corporate events and invite corporate leaders to judge various competitions and recently we celebrated entrepreneurship week in our campus which was a huge success. Globsyn Business School every year has its own annual conference known as the Globsyn Management Conference where many corporates are invited and professors from numerous colleges present their research work along with lectures and panel discussion by eminent personalities from the acadaemics.

One very important aspect I definitely like to harp upon is the summer internships and placements. As fresh graduates we are on the verge of joining various companies and the most important of our lives depend on take the right decisions. Our Associate Dean (Dr. Debajyoti Mazumder) is the person we can always look up to. He is a professor with a very strong personality and has vast experience in mentorship. He not only is a great faculty with wide knowledge in organisational behaviour and human resource management but also very popular with the students. He is known for his stringency and discipline and honestly we do fear him in a very positive way, more like “do not spook the dragon” and “the boss is always right.” Clearly as you can see, I can go on and on about the experiences I have had here.

So I want to share about the lighter moments which I never want to forget, that is the hostel life here. It’s the most exciting life I have. Seriously thank God that live in central Kolkata. It gave me another fun excuse to actual live with my friends. I have had countless moments of late night group studies during examinations, midnight birthday celebrations, warden scolding us for make loud noises, listening and dancing to music, sharing food and the list will never end. I strongly suggest that everyone at least once in their student life must experience the hostel life. It is truly worth remembering. It makes studies more fun and interesting. The only downside to it is that we miss our families. Sometimes it’s hard to live without our mothers. We miss them especially when we have to wash our own clothes, clean our beds or even wash the utensils. We never had to do that at home. But at same time it teaches us how to be self-sufficient and prepares us to be independent.

Our lives will become more complex and busy with each passing day. I strongly believe that we are going to become more self-engrossed and forget that this society has given us a lot to be grateful for. Our own families have sacrificed a lot to raise us to be brilliant and perfect. Even though we fail to live up to their expectations so many times they have never given up on us. So in Globsyn Business School, we strongly believe in giving back to the society in various ways we can. Hence the Kalyani Youth Leadership Forum was setup. It is run by all the students, both board members and volunteers. I had the honor of being an active volunteer for this amazing foundation. It has helped me to keep my feet on the ground and remain ever humble to my family, faculty members and all my seniors in the college. We celebrate birthdays at old age homes in Tollygunge and St. Joseph’s. Spending time with the neglected people in our society has softened my heart over the year. They are those people who are not cared for by their own families. We have arranged blood donation camp in the campus for the Thakupukur Cancer Hospital. We also celebrated Mahalaya in a small place called Subhashgram. Recently, we organized the Kalyani Ananda Utsab for over 800 underprivileged children, their mothers and teachers to provide them with a platform to showcase their talents while enjoying themselves.

Every year we have a live project and a fund raising activity for Kalyani – a Bikram Dasgupta Foundation called Serendipity. Conceptualized as a live project for students, Serendipity replicates a real organization with dedicated teams for Finance, Marketing, Operations, etc. Students are given the task of running a successful business venture of designing and organizing a large format event, starting from accumulating fund to marketing it, managing operations and managing people & relationships. Philanthropy is also an integral part of this virtual organization is addressed by donating the entire profit from this project-venture to Kalyani to help the needy sections of society. This year corporate leaders were invited to Serendipity to be a part of the Leadership Summit, students from other B-schools and under-graduate colleges were also invited to participate in various activities. The evening allowed us to put up a cultural show and we also hosted a dinner for our parents.

A regular MBA life has a lot in store for us. It is up to us, how we want to take it. Either we choose to seize every moment of it or let it all walk away in front us. It will surely bring out the best in us as it teaches us how to push or own boundaries and help us to discover the hidden talents which we never knew we had in us in the first place. Some will become entrepreneurs, and some CEOs, senior managers, and even professors. Surely MBA in Globsyn is meant to build glorious careers. It is a one hell of an experience no one should ever miss.

But in the words of Robert Frost:-

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And I have miles to go before I sleep”

Reshmi Dutt
Student, Globsyn Business School 
Joint Director – Human Capital, EMBRYON (GBS E-Cell)

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