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Ten Ways to Spend Time as a Student at GBS

Two years of management study at Globsyn Business School is not about classrooms, lectures, workshops and projects alone. There are a host of things a student can do to make the years spent on the college campus at Amtala a meaningful learning experience. We offer here a few options that one can choose from:


Interact with faculty

  1. Interact with faculty – A good way to reinforce learning in class is to have discussions with faculty members on subjects that are a little difficult to grasp during class sessions. Since the faculty at Globsyn are always ready and willing to aid you in your learning, just walk up to them and have your confusions clarified.


Visit the library

  1. Visit the library – GBS has a very well-stocked library. When you have some time in hand, you can always visit the library, check the e-catalogue and do some reference work to help you with your coursework.


Grab a bite at the cafeteria

  1. Grab a bite at the cafeteria – Life is no fun without good food. So in between lectures, after lectures or before them, one can always saunter down to the cafeteria to munch on the offerings for the day. The cafeteria at GBS is neat and the food is hygienic.


Go for a walk around the campus

  1. Go for a walk around the campus – The GBS campus is built on 8 acres of green space. Taking a walk around the campus is a good way to relax and should get you re-energized for the day. You can go for a morning walk, an evening walk or an after-dinner walk with friends and gather memories about college life that will live with you forever.



  1. Night-long projects – Though working at night may not sound exciting, in reality, nights spent with learning group members for doing project work does turn out to be remarkable not only because of the intellectual calisthenics indulged in but also for the time spent with friends that create moments that you will cherish.
  1. Research work using EBSCO and Knowledge Cell – Being a registered user of EBSCO, GBS enables its students to have access to thousands of research publications across the globe. A great way to make use of the time spent in business school is to browse through the research publications on various subjects individually or in consultation with the Knowledge Cell on campus.



  1. e-Globsyn – At GBS, learning does not end with the classes. A student can choose to discuss subjects, consult faculty or debate an issue on a platform that is known as e-Globsyn. It is a virtual campus that gives one the opportunity to interact with batch mates and faculty before and after classroom sessions that makes learning fun.



  1. Spend time at the MBA Lounge – Students at GBS can choose to have constructive discussions at the MBA lounge strewn with couches and bean bags which replaces the solemn atmosphere of the class room with a more relaxed air filled with laughter, table tennis, pool or board games.


Care for Society

  1. Care for Society – At Globsyn self-development is a phrase that is taken seriously. One of the things to do on campus is to get actively involved in the ‘Care for Society‘ programme under the ‘Kalyani Youth Leadership Forum‘ banner as volunteers. GBS believes in giving back to society through various community engagements – celebrating the birthday of the residents in Old Age Homes across the city, organizing Durga Puja at Subhashgram Old Age Home or facilitating day-long competitive events for the local school children through ‘Anandadhara’. Through ‘Kalyani’ a student is able to connect not only with society but his/her own self in a definitive way. ‘Care for society’ becomes a pathway for imbibing managerial skills and for becoming socially responsible individuals.


Student Events

  1. Student Events – Participation in extracurricular activities like debates, extempore or creative writing is not only a measure of one’s interests in subjects beyond academics, it also signifies an evolved personality and a holistic development of self should be the primary pursuit of management study; which is why these happenings should keep you busy during your stint with Globsyn and also sharpen your soft skills. Life at GBS would be incomplete without ‘Serendipity’- the annual two day event organized entirely by GBS students with enthusiastic participation from students of other colleges in competitive cultural events mixed with sessions devoted to corporate interactions. Putting all your management learning into practice-managing time, managing resources, managing people- is what an involvement with ‘Serendipity’ is all about. And if all this does not keep you busy enough, you will have time to amuse yourself with celebrations on Teacher’s Day, Fresher’s Welcome, New Year’s Eve and Saraswati Puja till the day you have to round up your MBA years at GBS with a Farewell Party.



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