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Why should you choose GBS for your MBA?



In one of our previous posts we tried to give you a guideline on the factors that you should keep in mind while choosing an MBA programme. It is not often that you would find a B-school that meets most of the criteria that constitutes a strong management education.

As one of India’s first Corporate B-schools with AICTE accreditation, you will find that Globsyn Business School offers you a lot more than what you might expect from your B-school. Here we give you a precursor to what you will find at GBS that should lead you to decide upon pursuing your MBA from one of the most reputed B-schools in eastern India.

  • Faculty: GBS is one of those few B-schools which makes no compromise on the quality of its faculty. The GBS faculty are not only authorities in their field of expertise with solid domain knowledge ,they are also aligned with market conditions and industry expectations. With a significant percentage having a PhD in their field of study, the GBS faculty are a team that is driven by the passion to groom young students into management graduates who have the ability to contribute meaningfully to the global economy either as entrepreneurs or as intrapreneurs in reputed companies. GBS also has in place the Block Teaching practice where Iconic Faculty of the stature of Prof. Soumendro De or Prof. Tridib Mukherjee are invited to GBS where they conduct continuous sessions to deliver sections of the curriculum.
  • Curriculum: GBS is built on the edifice of Innovation, Research and Technology and this is reflected in its curriculum. The GBS curriculum provides students with a theoretically sound foundation in management education propped up by ample real-time exposure to industry through live projects and Corporate Connects – where industry professionals are invited to GBS to conduct sessions which supplement the regular theoretical classroom lectures. The curriculum is constantly updated by a dedicated team of researchers constituting the Knowledge Cell who upgrade the content delivered in the classroom by at least 15% every year. The GBS curriculum is such that unlike in most other B-schools, there is a close alliance between academics and the industry which makes GBS students readily employable by the best in the industry.
  • Infrastructure: GBS is a B-school that was created with an intention of providing students with a learning environment of global standards. Built on an 8 acre plot of land, the GBS campus boasts of a state of the art architecture with a student hostel, library, open-air cafeteria, MBA lounge and facilities for indoor/outdoor sports. Besides, the campus has a ready e-infrastructure in the well-equipped classrooms with easy net connectivity for students. GBS also has a learning management system – a virtual classroom – called eGlobsyn where students can connect with each other and with faculty outside the classroom.
  • Placement: One of the primary concerns while selecting a B-school for an MBA programme is its placement records. At GBS, placement of students is regarded not as an event at the end of the MBA programme, but as a continuous process of training, mentoring and networking. Hence the placement at GBS is referred to as the Corporate Relationship Programme, which is made up of a team of seasoned professionals from the industry who continuously build, maintain and renew relationships with domestic and multinational organisations who have long standing association with GBS. The campus recruitment process every year at GBS is attended by all the recognisable brands from all sectors across the industry including names like TCS, Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, Info-edge, Step2Strategy, Future Group,PwC, KPMG, Vodafone, Asian Paints, ICRA, ManpowerGroup, HCL, TATA Teleservices and Berger Paints, among others.
  • Alumni: GBS has a large Alumni network of over 2500 students many of whom are either successful entrepreneurs or thorough professionals. At GBS the alumni are an essential part of the B-school who play a vital role in helping the current batch of students to network with the industry and pass on essential firsthand knowledge about the industry to the undergraduates. Through an initiative called Globsyn Alumni Engage GBS makes an attempt to connect with them at a personal level through events that strengthen their bond with the school and fellow students. Globsyn Alumni Engage also looks to involve the GBS alumni in every aspect of its functioning as a B-school, thus making them active participants in the evolution of their alma mater.
  • Extra-curricular Activities: GBS believes in learning ‘Beyond Education’. Education that contributes towards a holistic development of the students through engagement in activities and efforts that have been designed to shape an industry-ready professional with a well-rounded personality. Therefore GBS has in place a series of programmes and events aimed at grooming various aspects of a student’s personality. Serendipity is an annual signature event which encourages a spirit of learning, self-discovery and application of management learning, the Globsyn Management Conference is aimed at promoting research, Embryon – the E-cell of GBS which seeks to encourage entrepreneurship among its students, while the Kalyani Leadership Forum provides the GBS students with a scope to become better human beings who are able to connect with the underprivileged sections of society.


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