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Technology in Education



Learning is easier for students interested in post graduate management education. And all these courtesy of the technology that has created an interactive learning experience in a couple of ways. Technology makes it easy for student to learn anywhere anytime.

Many go through university and further their studies to become better education managers. It makes learning timeless and interactive for both students and lecturers. Here are 6 ways technology is applied in this discipline?

A No-Brainer Research (Less time spend on scouring information): In this discipline, a lot of time is spent on research and projects. 10 years ago, students spent like 10 hours in the libraries just looking for information and then almost always never finding it. Unfortunately, after spending a considerable amount of time, some student didn’t get the information they needed to complete their project. Today, these students in management spent most of their time reading and doing analytical thinking instead of scouring the libraries. Thanks to the web-based research, where everything is accessible quickly. All the information that is needed can be found through search engines like Google scholar. Technology makes it possible for students in disciplines such as education find learning and pursuing their careers fun and rewarding.

Continuous Learning: Technology has extended lectures beyond the lecture hall. With web-based application like Edmodo, professors can interact with students anytime. They can share assignment, instruction, homework and projects. Students are able to post questions which the professor will answer. All the things that a professor can do in the lecture hall can be done in platforms like Edmodo. This makes it easier for students to have a love and even do a follow up on their specialty without following lecturers in the offices. It does not only foster continuity of education but also makes the process fun.

Visual Engaging Learning: The use of visual and audio aids has made it easy for students in the management position to understand units in their area of specialization. Today, a professor doesn’t have to spend more time with a chalkboard explaining concepts. All a professor will need is a projector and create some fancy graphs to get the points across. At the end of the lecture, all the materials are disseminated to the students through flash disk and Bluetooth.

Gone are the Backpack and Rucksack (Tablets and iPads are the New Stationery): With an iPad and tablet, it is easier to record and even take notes. This reduces fatigue that students have when carrying huge rucksack full of books. iPad and tablet have apps and software than do all this for students without them having to scribble on the paper. This makes students attentive and reduces fatigue that comes from scribbling on paper. Using these devices, students have all they want. This includes eBooks, online journals and websites. They can also share information with other students who have not attended the lectures using email and other application.

Easy to Create Binders and Notes for Easy Revision and Access: Students can easily keep all their notes and binders in one place. Which makes it easier to access and prevent loss. Online tools like livebinders, makes it possible for any student to store all their notes and binders online. Livebinders makes it easy for students to put all the units and subject of certain course in one place. It saves a lot of money from buying unnecessary stationery like pens and books.

Convenience (How Webinars and Teleconferencing makes this possible): Teleconferencing and live webinars are important tools for lectures and students to interact without the need of having to physically be in the classroom. Besides, sitting for a two-hour lecture creates hunger, fatigue and boredom. That explains why most skip lectures and some never finish college. Long gone are the days student have to be stuck in traffic and waiting for the alarm clock to tick. For instance, a professor may decide to not attend a lecture in the next two months. All he will need is to notify the student that they will be days they will be attending webinars. Webinars and teleconferencing also make it easy for the professor to host guests with students. With technology, learning is fun, interactive and engaging. The hours that a student spent on commuting to lecture hall is now put on digesting and absorbing information.

Across the globe, different countries have used technology to facilitate learning in a discipline such as post graduate management education. Advanced states like, America, UK, Australia and other Asian countries are the early adopters of the technology.

In this light, a country like the UK has made a step to ensure that students have access to every educational resource that they need. That means more time is channeled to towards learning and improving their strategic skills to be better education managers.

Following closely is India, in which technology is transforming India’s education system, especially the higher education sector. Through the use of technology, education has become convenient for management students. They can now do the basic studies in self-study mode taking help from video lessons and other tools available and focus on advanced level discussion during classroom interactions. All good business schools in India today have their own portal where students can login and continue their learning and discussion beyond classroom.