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The journey begins with the Campus Interview: The lure of the salary or a career crafting choice

More than the final examinations it is the campus interview that can bring a lot of anxiety among budding students. The effort for clearing the best job interview always involves a cumulative effort from the very first year of the college where education within and beyond the campus is crucial. But it is also important to understand what one really wants from the course. There are several perspectives to understand this scenario. While one goes for a MBA course for it is a natural process for them after their undergraduate program, there are many who think it to be quintessential degree to achieve great success in one’s career. Since the reasons are many the campus interview poses to be the real test of what you desire in life. It also says a lot about your own character as well.


Behavioral Traits In Understanding Campus Interview Choices

Goals are defined long back – those who have such visions sorted out clearly, are the ones who have started on their journey long back may be from the days of their graduation. For them an exceptional reputed company and a very high salary package is what they desire and they most essentially think that they are suited for them. The challenge is for the restless minds. They are always busy learning the nuances of the course and also gathering huge knowledge beyond the curriculum. Besides they have a fair knowledge about the companies that come for candidates to their institutions. Their restlessness is based on two things. Firstly, will they be able to meet the expectations of the interviewer and secondly, which kind of jobs they intent to opt for? The second problem is more critical as choosing the sector you want to work is a hard decision indeed. The third category is of those souls who are happy and content to get through any of the interviews. In all these three cases the stereotyped belief or hope is that salaries are going to be high and hence the contentment. But is the lure of the salary everything?


How Career Crafting Choices Widened Within and Beyond The Campus Interviews

The entire business industry in India in the last ten decades has gone through a radical change obviously for the better. To a certain extent this change is of a cultural and social change where business growing out of inheritance soon faced competition from business entrepreneurs exploring new sectors of work and revolutionizing the market. A brief analysis helps in understanding this gradual shift where today there is a coexistence of two contrasting business set ups. 1991 can be considered as the year when this shift was initiated. Opportunity for new entrepreneurs increased and dominance of the traditional bureaucracy was controlled. More private start ups were encouraged in contrary. The resultant was a new way of thinking about business where with less capital investment one can start up great business ventures and the technology sector was the obvious way out.

In the next decade, more stress was given on the sector of business entrepreneurship. Besides CII, ASSOCHAM and FICCI, departments like National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), Ministry of Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises were developed to boost new business. According to a 2014 report of NASSCOM, all these developments at the government-policy level being sufficiently backed by the banking sector led to some trends that rewrote the business industry in India. This report says that there has been a huge development of start ups in the technological sector- almost triple from 2008. “The number of angel investors has grown from 7 to 32 from 2006 to 2012 while the number of venture capitalists has grown from 43 to 48 in the same period.” The sectors that showed remarkable changes are E-commerce and online marketing, Mobile apps and software, Brand, Advertising, Public relations and media enterprises, Fashion designing and marketing, Business consultancy, Advertisement companies among others. The most interesting aspect of this growth is the fact that it has given way to young entrepreneurs mostly in their 30s and many of them are students coming with a rich background of business administration skills.


Making Suitable Choices For Your Career

Hence today the scope of campus interview jobs has widened where both multinational companies and start ups both look for fresher for the development sector work. Not all give a great salary. But the opportunity to learn and unlearn are important. It is hence very important to understand in which sector one wants to work first and then make the choice of the job interviews. The radical coexistence of the quintessential business gharanas along with the great revolutionary start ups has given birth to a position where the real ball game to a great extent is in the hands of the students who needs to go for the right course and hence choose the right job. Because the demand is an existential position and is going to grow with time.

We all know the story of Ola Cabs, PayTm and Swiggy changing the ways of comfort and technology for us. The key to their success is their exceptional management skills, their ability to think beyond the numbers in the annual income and the ability to take the essential leap in the right time.

As PayTm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma puts in rightly “All in, is the only way to win”

6 thoughts on “The journey begins with the Campus Interview: The lure of the salary or a career crafting choice”

  1. Lawguage says:

    College students are considered fresher in the industry so the pay cheque will be lower compare to the skilled people. Campus interview should be done frequently in the collages to provide a better opportunity to the student.

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  4. Good article. I would always suggest to start career with Startups, wherein Full potential of a candidate can be efficiently implemented.

  5. Avadhi says:

    Big companies and growing startups are searching for talent. Campus interview can provide the right talent to the right companies. It will be the win-win situation for the company as well as the student. For growing business faster you need skilled people. The campus interview gives the opportunity to find the best candidate for the job.

    College students are considered fresher in the industry so the pay cheque will be lower compare to the skilled people. Campus interview should be done frequently in the collages to provide a better opportunity to the student.

    Thank you

  6. Nimish says:

    Campus interview gives comfort while selecting a job. You can choose the company and see what type of jobs they are offering. You will have many options to choose from. As the company knows you are fresher and doesn’t have the experience in working in the corporate world. The challenges that you will face while working will be minimal.

    You can also apply for an internship to gain the corporate experience. Internship jobs are widely available in the market.

    Thank you

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