'Serendipity' represents the core ethos of Globsyn Business School of creating industry ready managers. With the emergence of a globalized business environment, today's would be mangers must possess the experience of operating in a real life business environment. 'Serendipity' presents a tailor-made opportunity to GBS students to acquire the same. It is an ideal platform to foster tomorrow's entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs for bigger challenges that lie ahead.

Conceptualised as a 'live project' for students, 'Serendipity' replicates a real organization with dedicated teams for Finance, Marketing, Operations, etc. modelled on real-life, who are given the task of running a successful business venture of designing and organising a multi-day large format event starting from accumulating fund (seed & working capital) to marketing, managing operations, managing people & relationships, and showcasing their creative skills. Philanthropy which is an integral part of this 'virtual' organisation is addressed by donating the entire 'profit' from this project-venture to 'Kalyani' - a Bikram Dasgupta Foundation to help the needy sections of society.

With the experience of handling and managing such a multi-dimensional large format event successfully, we have seen our alumni getting identified as 'performers' in the competitive corporate environment, which is further bolstered by leading organisations like - Pespico International, Coca Cola, Genpact, Deloitte Consulting, ITC, Reliance etc. who regularly participate GBS's campus placement process.


Globsyn Business School - Serendipity 2016 Photo  Serendipity 2016

Globsyn Business School - Serendipity 2015 Photo  Serendipity 2015

Globsyn Business School - Serendipity 2014 Photo  Serendipity 2014

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