Credit Appraisal and Working Capital Management

Most small businesses start out as an idea from one or two people, who invest their own money or probably turn to family or friends for financial help in return for a share of business. After they are successful there comes a time for all developing SMEs when they need new investment to expand further. They then find it harder than large business houses to obtain finance from banks, capital markets and other suppliers of credit. While SMEs are considered to be key players in economic development of India, access to finance continues to be a major challenge for their growth.

Studies show that SMEs consider access to funding and working capital as major obstacle to their growth and competitiveness. Mainstream banks view SMEs as high risk investments and shy away from serving these businesses. Also many small business owners experience the impact of lost sales due to inability to purchase stock and find it difficult to strike the right balance between sales and credit to customers.

The objective of the workshop is to give owners/managers knowhow of the credit appraisal process followed by financial institutions while disbursing loans and also a more systematic approach in balancing short term funds so that they have adequate working capital to support their business needs.


The workshop has been designed to enable the participants to:

  • Gain insights into the Credit Appraisal procedure followed by financial institutions
  • Understand the need of efficient working capital management for effective decision making
  • Understand the various components of working capital finance mix and impact of such mix on profitability of the company


  • Mr. Ram Nath - Ex-Chief General Manager, SIDBI
    Mr Ram Nath is a banker by profession. He is at present the Ex-Chief General Manager of SIDBI. He has been with SIDBI for the last 20 years. Prior to that he was with IDBI for 10 years.
  • Mr. Dipak Dutta - FCA, Senior Partner, Dutta Ghosh & Associates
    Mr. Dutta is a reputed Chartered Accountant with vast experience. He is specialized in Finance, Corporate Services, and Management Consulting etc. Prior experience includes his stint in Finance departments of ITC, TISCO, Shipping Corporation on India etc.


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