Finance for Non Finance Managers

The MDP is designed for the professional development of Managers from all non-financial verticals of an organization by imparting basic financial knowledge required to understand the implications of day to day operations, activities and decisions taken by them from a holistic financial point of view. The participants do not require any prior knowledge on Finance and Accounting for attending this MDP.


  • To familiarize the participants with the basic accounting concepts
  • To equip them with the financial knowledge & skills to understand, analyze and interpret fiancial statements
  • To gain a better understanding on the financial objectives of the organization and translate them into actions in their respective functional areas
  • To make a more productive use of resources allocated to their divisions
  • To build financial confidence and discuss relevant financial issues with the Finance Manager(s) of their organization
  • To enhance their role as Business decision makers and thus prepare themselves for assuming higher responsibilities and/or higher positions


Finance for Non Finance Managers
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