Finance for Small and Medium Enterprises

While SMEs are considered key players in the economic development of India access to finance continues to be a major challenge for their growth. On one hand financing through equity and debt are often attached with many strings while traditional financing access and patterns does not always provide adequate funds to support SMEs. It is in this context that the training program was organized to explore different alternate funding options available to SMEs in addition to traditional bank financing to promote their sustainable growth and development.


The workshop has been designed to enable the participants to:

  • To understand the new trends in SME financing
  • To create awareness about different financing options available for SMEs
  • To be aware of the difficulties /challenges in SME financing
  • To understand the different norms followed by financial institutions while disbursing loans


  • Mr. Ram Nath - Ex-Chief General Manager, SIDBI
    Mr Ram Nath is a banker by profession. He is at present the Ex-Chief General Manager of SIDBI. He has been with SIDBI for the last 20 years. Prior to that he was with IDBI for 10 years.
  • Mr. S. Kalyanasundaram - Managing Partner, Proteus Consultants
    Mr. S.Kalyanasundaram is the Managing Partner of Proteus Consultants, a Kolkata based consultancy focusing on corporate laws, mergers & acquisitions, deal structuring and funding. Prior to starting Proteus Kalyanasundaram worked in the corporate sector in the field of finance and accounting. From 2004 Proteus started looking at the SME segment and interacted extensively with financiers both India and abroad. He has been part of discussion groups on SME funding based on financial derivatives, securitization and other such products.


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