Marketing Strategies for Small and Medium Enterprises

Business owners/leaders often rely solely on intuition to make business decisions. While informal knowledge is important in the decision making process it may not provide them with optimum marketing results. In order to convert ideas into strategies and strategies into actions there is a need to draw a Strategic Marketing Plan. This programme was specially designed for small and medium enterprises, with an aim to assist them to review their existing marketing strategy and establish new objectives and directions. Understanding what customers need and addressing those needs and generating surplus is the hallmark of successful marketing. To succeed we need to differentiate our products from that of our competitors and define our unique selling proposition that will give our offering/product that distinctive edge. Why should people buy from us and not from our competitors? Do we promise greater value/services/benefits? This would include a full evaluation of client and competitor analysis, product and pricing strategies, market segmentation and positioning strategies as well as clearly targeted promotional, exhibition and PR activity. Marketing can be cost effective providing it is focused properly, and a Strategic Marketing Plan provides that focus.


At the end of this workshop, participants will have a better understanding of:

  • How to develop and communicate value to their customers
  • Strategies to position their company and products in chosen markets
  • How to assess and tap into new markets and sales channels
  • How to speed up the company growth through product development review
  • How to analyze and determine the pros and cons of a marketing strategy, and make necessary adjustments

Who should attend?

This workshop is meant for:

  • Owner/managers of SMEs
  • Business Development managers
  • Entrepreneurs looking for expansion of their existing business
  • Senior executives responsible for marketing and sales support functions


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