Workshop on Organisational Growth & Development

The SME sector currently accounts for 80 % of businesses in any region and is the primary driver of job creation in our country. SMEs today are exposed to greater opportunities than ever for expansion and diversification across sectors. However the biggest problem faced by SMEs is the lack of adequate and timely finance for their projects. As a result it is a real challenge to address the issues of how to provide financial support, expand access to bank finance, look for innovative financing options and promote sustainable development of SMEs.

Mostly SME business owners take their business decisions by instinct rather than logic. Every SME should find an advantage of some kind, over its competitors to succeed and survive. In this workshop we introduced core management concepts in finance and marketing that would help SME business owners strategize for better growth. The workshop also focused on calling the right level of buyers, understanding the customers' psyche, interacting with customers more strategically and coming across as business professionals providing long term beneficial sales solutions.


The workshop has been designed to enable the participants to:

  • To familiarize the participants with a systematic approach towards market identification and stand out in competition
  • To learn strategies to develop competitive advantage and professional capabilities of SMEs
  • To acquire knowledge about various funding sources of SMEs
  • To understand how to convert leads into sales and close the sale processz


  • Mr Saibal Chatterjee (IIM-A) Chairman and MD-Lokenath Chatterjee & Sons Pvt. Ltd. on 'Differentiate, Dominate and Accelerate: How to enter the market, stand out in a crowd and eliminate competition'
  • Mr. Manish Tiwari (FCA), Senior Partner: S. Jaykishan Chartered Accountants on 'How to fund your business?'
  • Anindra Kumar Haldar (IIT-KGP, IIM-C),Eminent B school Faculty in Marketing & Sales on 'Closing the sale: Big mistakes that cause your customers to buy from someone else'
  • Mr. Manab Pal (London School of Economics), MD-Manor Floatel Ltd. on 'Success Stories - A path for business owners'


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