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With the fast evolving corporate environment, a constantly churning economy and a rapidly shrinking global marketplace, today's executives and managers need to keep themselves constantly abreast with emerging and established management knowledge and best practices, not only in areas that they operate in, but on a more holistic level, across functional areas to help address critical market and business challenges that impact the organisation as a whole.

It is with this perspective in mind that GBS® has designed and implemented a wide range of Management Development Programs (Open Programs) - programs that makes participants not only aware of new perspectives and practical insights on specific domains areas but more importantly encourages them to think beyond the confines of their own disciplines. Our programs use a wide variety of toolsets ranging across simulations, role-plays, case studies etc., and exposes executives to frameworks and tools to help emerge as better business leaders and managers - leaders and managers who don't spend time 'putting out fires' but engage in 'forward-thinking' leadership.

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