Paper Submission

Guidelines for Full Paper Submission

The full paper (not exceeding 5000 words) should be submitted by 25th January, 2018 (Thursday). Participants are required only to email the paper in the form of a word file ( in .DOC format only).

The paper should be sent to

Full paper submission should include in a separate page title of the paper, names of author(s), affiliations, their addresses (postal and email), phone/fax numbers. The article should be written in Times New Roman font with size 12, line spacing of 1.5 with 1-inch margins on all four sides in A4 size paper.

Title Page: Article title, author(s) name(s) with affiliation and e-mail(s), corresponding author's address, telephone number(s), mobile number(s) and fax number(s) should be included.

Second Page: The title and an abstract of 500 words, with 3 - 4 keywords. The second page onward the paper should be completely anonymous for blind review.

Main Text: Should be more readable, technical details should be provided in appendix, ideas proposed should preferably be supported by examples from real life scenarios.

Footnotes: Should be used as sparingly as possible and must be identified in the text by consecutive numbers placed as superscript.

Tables and Figures: Should be numbered consecutively. Tables should be titled at top and figures captioned below. No table and figure included in the paper should be left unreferenced in the text. Referencing should be done as per table number figure number. Any illustration/photos should be considered as figure and numbered accordingly.

References: Should be done in APA format.

Length: Paper should not exceed 5000 words (including abstract, reference and appendix),maximum pages, in Times New Roman font with size 12 and line spacing of 1.5.

The author(s) should provide the declaration that the paper submitted by him/her has neither been submitted for publication nor published elsewhere in any print/electronic form. If copyrighted materials are used, the author should give proper references.

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