A study on employees perception towards employee engagement

Dr. Madhulika Gupta
Head of Department , Dr. D.Y. Patil Centre for Management and Research, Pune


Employee Engagement is the level at which employee dedication, both emotional and rational subsist in relation to achieve the mission, and vision of the organization. The knack of the organization to achieve its objective mainly depends upon the efficacy of its Employee Engagement Programme. Therefore it requires immense planning and concern to formulate and execute Employee Engagement strategies. The main Objectives of the paper are to study different employee engagement tools, to find out the Impact of & need for improving employee engagement & to know the attitude of employees towards the Employee Engagement and to understand the complexities therein. The paper takes into consideration primary data through questionnaire method, in which information is obtained with the help of questionnaire which is prepared exclusively for specific purposes. Primary data is collected by interviewing the employees of 3 companies i.e. Exide, Ador Fontech and Tata Motors with structured questionnaire method. Sample Size being 50, sampling Method used is Convenience Sampling Method. The major findings of the paper are that a thriving employee engagement assists to generate a community at the place of work not just an employees. Engaged employees experience a strong emotional connection to the organization. Employees' involvement in companywide initiatives, educational opportunities and open communication each, are identified as vital tools of Employee Engagement.

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