International Conference on Spirituality in Management Education 2017

International Conference on Spirituality in Management Education 2017

Conference Date

30th June & 1st July, 2017

Management involves getting things done through people. Spirituality in Management is not related to religiosity. In contrast, the concept revolves around care, compassion, selfless-service, transcendence, just to name a few. In an organization, there could be various types of climate. For example, innovation-climate, sales-climate, safety-climate, ethical-climate, etc. Here, we talk of Spiritual-Climate. And, this can result from Spiritual Leadership.

Spiritual Leadership hinges upon: Care for Society, Spiritual Culture and Ethical Leadership. Spiritual Leadership induces employees to stay on with the organization, experience improved quality of work-life, thus curbing high attrition-rate and ensuring sustainability. This International Conference on ‘Spirituality in Management Education’ will adequately dwell on the corporate responsibility of business, altruism, human values, empathy and how to foster ethics and rectitude in the workplace.

This International Conference will enable the participants to understand how ‘Spirituality in Management Education’ can lead to implementation of the triple-bottom-line in an organisation doing justice to Profits, People and Planet concurrently. A galaxy of cherry-picked iconic speakers drawn from different domains, both inland and overseas, will effectively deliberate on the nuances and nitty-gritty of the subject. The International Conference will be preceded by a Pre-Conference Workshop conducted by a noted academician and corporate trainer in this field to impart the essentials of the subject through a confluence of conceptual briefing and practice.

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