The cut and thrust of increasing global competition, the rapid turnover and growing impact of technology across all domains of business, the premium placed on non-stop knowledge absorption - all compel business and industry to search for fresh talents who have something more to offer than the traditional equipage of management learning. They look now for an entrepreneurial mindset, comfortable with technology, sensitive to the needs of society and environment over and above the traditional tools and skills in management. This is the outlook that Globsyn Business School seeks to address through its very particular approach to management education, which it implements through the Knowledge Finishing School™ System (KFS), striving to create a generation of business managers who are ready for the industry from day one.

Over the years, more than 200+ organisations have absorbed our students, both during the final placements and the summer internship seasons. Our students have earned high accolades for their achievements and a large number of them are star performers within their organisations.

The Corporate Relationship Program (CRP)

All programs conducted at GBS® is singularly focused on developing and mentoring Industry Ready Professionals, who would be equipped to contribute from day one, reducing the training cycle of the hiring organisations and enhancing employee productivity. The Corporate Relationship Program (CRP), manned by a dedicated team of highly motivated professionals supported by a nationwide forum of ex-students and faculty and student representatives. The CRP cell handles and ensures the smooth transition of the graduates from the campus to the professional world. This is the team that maps the industry resource needs and works towards translating the requirements into deliverable resources. Over the years the Corporate Relationship Program has developed excellent corporate relationships, with our professionals being absorbed in leading organisations across the country.

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