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Mr. Bikram Dasgupta is currently the Founder and Executive Chairman, Globsyn Group, with interests in Education, Information Technology and Skill development.

An alumnus of Harvard Business School and Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, Mr. Bikram Dasgupta is among the early pioneers of the Indian Information Technology Industry and has witnessed the emergence of the Indian IT Industry from garage start-ups to billion dollar behemoths.

The emergence of Indian Information Technology industry saw the birth of a generation of first time entrepreneurs – entrepreneurs with no family history of business enterprise. This generation was marked by their ambition and fierce determination to change the order of things. They innovated, they disrupted and they brought in new rules into the game. They lived by their instincts.

Mr. Dasgupta’s entrepreneurial journey is a story of this change. A story defined by its quintessential highs and lows, of dreams, of daring to think beyond the ordinary and an insatiable appetite for risk taking.

An innovator, thinker and a passionate speaker, Mr. Dasgupta was among the core group of professionals who joined HCL in its infancy and his contributions, as one of the key Market Development Managers, have gone a long way in establishing the market presence that HCL commands today. He wetted his formative entrepreneurial zeal by helping build Pertech Computers Limited (PCL), in 1984. As the Promoter-Director, he steered the company through the initial difficult years and took a leading role in managing a diverse set of functions ranging from Sales & Marketing, to International Business Development and new strategic projects, elevating the company to the position of the No.1 PC manufacturer in India. He single-handedly won the single largest (US$ 50 million) export manufacturing contract from Dell Computer, USA, for computer motherboards, which is still rated as the largest single contract in the computer hardware industry. He also set up India’s first motherboard manufacturing unit and ramped it up to 10,000 motherboards/month production in 1994.

With the fast changing IT landscape Mr. Bikram Dasgupta foresaw the need for a business model built around the fundamental concepts of Infrastructure and Institution to service the knowledge economy and in 1997 conceptualised Globsyn as a group of companies, which embodied that vision. With an unwavering passion for excellence, rooted on performance, Globsyn, perhaps for the first time, brought together an eclectical mix of ‘Education’ and ‘Skills’ – to create ’employably skilled’ people through pioneering Knowledge Finishing School™ System; ‘Technology’ – helping customers leverage from the latest in technology developments and ‘Innoventures’ – creating fresh new business models in Retail, Infrastructure and other new economy areas.

The Globsyn Group has many firsts to its name, including pioneering the Software Finishing School™ System in India, in 1997. They have conceptualized and implemented, in 1996, India’s first truly intelligent ‘Plug n Play’ infrastructure – ‘Infinity’, the model around which Software Parks have been developed in India. They have set up India’s first Corporate B-School in India – Globsyn Business School in 2002. They have also set up India’s first integrated BPO Training institute, in 2004, in the form of BPO Academy. Acquired a listed software company, Synergy Log-In Systems Limited in 2006 and increased Globsyn’s technology footprint across India, USA, Europe, Middle East and the Far East. They have created India’s first ‘Work Habitat’ in 2008 in the form of Globsyn Crystals, bringing Life and Work together.

On the institution building front, it has been Mr. Dasgupta’s lifelong zeal to develop young minds to enable them to face the challenges of the modern workplace and be productive from day one. It is in this mission that he conceptualised and pioneered the Knowledge Finishing School™ System which bridges the growing gap between academics and industry through industry relevant programmes in a world class infrastructural setting. This early innovator approach and concept found expression through Globsyn’s Software Finishing School programmes at TECHNOCAMPUS in 1997, the then IBM Center for Excellence. Today under Mr. Dasgupta’s tutelage Globsyn has a faculty team teaching over 42 different management areas, in his B-School, addressing and training engineers in over 50 technology domains through the Finishing School system and addressing multiple domains in Business Process training, coupled with Human Excellence programmes in Behavioral Sciences, Voice & Accent, and other critical areas through Globsyn Skills. This huge repertoire of multi-dimensional training and teaching capability, facilitated by over 100 teaching professionals, is a unique and the first ever Campus of such integrated learning on Alternative Education in India.

As Mr. Bikram Dasgupta transits from a momentous and frenzied phase of his life and embarks upon a new journey in his life, he is driven by an aspiration to plough back to society and community his life’s experience; to arm a new generation of entrepreneurs and youth with the value systems that go behind creating full-filling life stories through his start-up venture BDG Global Private Limited.

Here, the portfolio of investments includes both passive as well as active investments. Investments are made during various phases of a startup’s lifecycle, including the seed stage, early stage and growth stages.

He has also written the widely acclaimed book, ‘Minds On Fire – An Infotech Entrepreneur’s Vision’.