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Corporate Connect:

The fast paced growth being witnessed in the Indian economy and the rapidly changing face of Corporate India has necessitated deep and abiding changes in the nature and method of management education for the 21st century, critical to providing fresh and industry ready talent to the corporate world. Conventional management training in terms of its methodology, syllabus, pedagogy etc. – provides insights into the making of structured solutions to business and organisational issues, on the basis of pre-structured problems. This served its purpose excellently at a time when young minds could be sent out into the workplace armed with a particular set of tools and methods, drilled in a set of practices that together made up the management discipline. Their need to make business judgments, to play genuinely entrepreneurial roles, could be postponed to a fairly distant future while they rose up an organisational hierarchy. All that is fast changing!

As India’s first and foremost ‘Corporate B-School’ we realize that today youngsters must be exposed to the corporate world from day one of their management education journey and hence Strategic Corporate Interfaces form one of the most important cornerstones of Globsyn Academic Delivery System. We strongly believe that a 21st century management education system must have managed live corporate interfaces that not only adds context and richness in the learning of the student but also keeps them abreast with the fast evolving professional workplace.

The Corporate Connect programme is a strategic initiative undertaken by Globsyn Business School to integrate various facets of real-life corporate experiences into the curriculum. As a part of this uniquely designed initiative corporate managers share their real-life corporate and business experiences with students not as a standalone ‘experience’ sharing session but as an integral part of the curriculum. The content and substance of the corporate executive’s delivery is designed to seamlessly interweave real-life corporate experiences as a part of the current context of learning that the students are undertaking. This, we feel, helps students understand, appreciate and experience both the theoretical/conventional and practical facets of management learning.

As a part of the Corporate Connect programme middle to senior level executives, entrepreneurs and eminent industry experts from various fields and industry sectors are invited to share their practical experiences in the context of theoretical discourses the students have undergone. Corporate Connect also extends to live corporate projects, company visits and handling consultancy assignments by students and faculty members. This not only helps Globsyn Business School students to take their learning out from the classroom and apply it in real life but also increases their employability quotient by mentoring them to have an application and performance driven mindset, so critical for building a successful corporate career today.