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Knowledge Finishing School™ System

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The KFSTM System has been conceptualised and developed as an industry insider’s approach and answer to creating institutions that bridges the gap between the ‘industry’ and the ‘academia’ while creating ‘Industry Relevant’ management professionals.

As an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution the KFSTM system, has at its core the ‘Talent Transformation Engine (T2E)’ with its own pedagogy, knowledge dissemination methods and processes and assessment systems backed by a dedicated research and development team that constantly improves and updates the system based on evolving industry needs.

T2E, as a pedagogical style, has been conceptualised and developed to achieve, among others, the following major outcomes:

  1. Optimum knowledge acquisition.
  2. Ability to apply knowledge in a live environment.
  3. All round holistic development of an individual mapped to critical ’employability’ skills.
  4. Performance orientation.

The Globsyn Knowledge Finishing SchoolTM Pedagogy is based on the ‘Knowledge DiamondTM‘. This pedagogy, teaches the individual the steps beyond acquisition of knowledge itself; the pedagogy stresses on the application of knowledge, its continuous management and ultimately performance. The pedagogy inculcates an extremely vital life-skill, which is a highly prized asset that every student of ours carries with them; to be practiced, in a continuous cycle, throughout their professional career.

Learn and Intern

It is extremely important that entrepreneurs and management professionals promote business schools during their active work life and pass on their real life experiences and learning to students of management – the entrepreneurs/ entrepreneurs of tomorrow – either running their own enterprises or working in a professional organisation. Learn & Intern is a platform where industry leaders share their experiences and insights with aspiring managers on issues of contemporary relevance. These sessions are spearheaded by Mr. Bikram Dasgupta, Founder & Executive Chairman, Globsyn Group, an entrepreneur of international repute.

Work and Teach

With the fast evolving corporate workplace environment it has become imperative that graduate management students not only pursue knowledge with the right rigour but are exposed to real-life experiential knowledge. At GBS we have a large faculty pool of industry driven academicians who have had rich corporate work exposure across a wide variety of domains and geographies. The innovative ‘Work and Teach’ model ensures that our students are exposed to best of the world ‘pure academicians’ and ‘industry experienced’ faculty.