Combating the First Month Jitters

The first few weeks at the Campus may be challenging. New buildings, fresh faces, daunting professors, intimidating syllabi… everything seems unknown! You’ll be consumed with thoughts such as, What kind of class am I going to have? Will I be able to connect with my faculty? How will I gel with my batch mates? What kind of pedagogy style I need to follow to excel in my course? And of course, the most important one that will help find a solution to all the rest: What do I have to do to ice break the ‘first month jitters’?

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The key is not to panic. Within a few weeks you’ll get to know the professors and their distinct pedagogic styles, mix with your classmates through team-building activities and get to know the place where you’ll be spending the next two years. There’s so much pressure to start off on the right foot that it’s natural for you to feel stressed out and nervous. However, in a situation like this when you find yourself chewing up even your toe nails in panic, don’t panic. I’ll repeat, do NOT panic! Just close your eyes, take a deep breath and follow these simple ice-hacks to help ease your nerves during those first few days.



Looking for an easy way to calm those butterflies in your stomach? Try letting off some steam by doing a bit of work out. Yes, you read that right: Work Out!



Most of us get into a ‘shut out’ mode the moment someone says the dreaded ‘E-word’! But trust me guys, there’s no better alternative than a good work out session to relieve the mind of the stress and anxiety you’re struggling with. A good jog around the campus or a brisk walking on the treadmill, a few aasanas on the yoga mat or a solo dance party in your room – any form of exercise or yoga will get your endorphins going, clearing your mind of worries.

And, after that, heading to the class and finding your way around the campus will feel like a total cakewalk.


Be Prepared!

Find a new best friend in your bed side alarm clock.


Set alarms for all of your classes – set them on your phone, write them down, and don’t forget to copy your schedule! Nothing is more embarrassing than being reprimanded in a class for being late or unprepared. So, try to get everything ready beforehand, including what you’re going to wear the next day, before you hit the bed for the night.

Always remember, the more you prepare in advance, the better you’ll be able to cope with your first month jitters.


How’dy Buddy!

Make friends. Yes, it’s that simple!


During those first few weeks in the Campus, when you’re at your most vulnerable best – lost, lonely and homesick – having a friend by your side, who can empathize with your unfamiliarity and confusion, can be a great source of comfort. You guys may have come from various corners of the country, with differences in religion, caste, socio-economic strata but one thing binds you all together – you all are on the same boat, together, fighting the same battle.

So, find a comrade to partner with and you might end up with a friend for life.


It Always helps to Ask!

First impressions are very crucial, as we all know, for it could establish or tarnish your image for life.


Remember every story has two versions – don’t jump to conclusions or be judgemental without knowing both the sides, instead ask questions and get clarity. Ask your professors to explain if there is something about a lecture or an assignment that you are confused about. If you think a classmate is feeling blue, ask him about his trouble instead of ignoring him.

If there’s any doubt or confusion in your mind, remember that the only way to get more information and clarity is to ask for it.


Have Fun!

And of course, last but not the least, HAVE FUN!


Join any social organization and do your bit for the society, take part in live projects where not only your managerial skills but also your social skills will be honed or just go out for movies with friends and enjoy the evening over a steaming mug of cappuccino!


Indulge in any or all of these activities and make the most of your Campus days.

Acknowledge your nerves, it’s okay to have those sudden panic attacks, those sweaty palms and flutterings in the stomach. Then, take a deep breath and tell yourself that everything is going to be okay and keep moving forward. For as it says in Gone with the Wind, “Tomorrow’s another day!”

Also, a cup of coffee, the company of a friend and a good conversation always helps!

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