My Metamorphosis from a Student to a Banker during my Internship at HDFC

Before qualifying a seat for myself in the top 15 from among the 300+ candidates, I rarely used to pay a visit to my banks as I was under the notion that anything to do with the banking sector is beyond my perimeter but after completion of 9 weeks of my internship experience at the HDFC Bank (Kankurgachhi Branch), my demeanor as an individual experienced a transformation from a student to a banker.

Looking back to the day I began working as an intern at HDFC bank I started comprehending myself as a banker because of the awe inspiring and stupendous environment of the company. All thanks to my professors, mentors, family and everyone who empowered with belief and reinforced me with confidence.

I think this change in my personality is responsible to a large extent for my successful summer internship stint at HDFC Bank because I managed to to sell around 92 Fixed Deposits (FDs), 10 Recurring Deposits (RDs), 4 Lakhs of Life Insurance, 37 Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs), not to mention 7 credit cards, 13 debit cards and several other net banking services and products. As token of my moderate achievement during the internship period, I was presented with a small gift by everyone at the HDFC Bank, Kankurgachhi.

I want to give the entire credit to all my mentors and faculty at Globsyn Business School as well as my seniors at HDFC Bank for giving my persona a new leash of life through continuous guidance and rock-solid support during my summer internship days.

For this, I’ll be forever grateful to them.


Anindita Dutta
PGDM Batch – 07, Globsyn Business School

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