Youth, Entrepreneurship and Independence Day

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The meaning of Independence Day has changed over the past seven decades, especially among the youth.

Independence Day has long been associated with the hoisting of the Tricolor, re-runs of sappy Bollywood patriotic blockbusters and our forefather’s stories of the struggle for independence. It is true that for your generation, which has only heard or read tales about the freedom struggle of 1947, Independence Day often passes as just another holiday when you can sleep late or catch up with the latest series on Netflix.

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Having said that, it is the voice of young India that has started to awaken to the atrocities against women and children, in support of the LGBTQ community, in protest against various types of discriminations, corruptions and extremism – political, social, religious or economic. This voice, while accepting and respecting the rich history of their predecessors, are not afraid to raise eyebrows and ask questions. From the JP movement of 1974 to the more recent fervent protests against the brutal gang rape of a student in Delhi or against the mob lynching of a couple in rural Uttar Pradesh, just because they dared to go beyond the diktats of the panchayat, young Indians have always been there on the front lines to fight for a better tomorrow.

Today, India, with a youth voice that constitutes 50 per cent of India’s billion plus population, has indeed a lot of scope to see young people excel as nation builders as corporate stalwart or an entrepreneur genius. With leading management and technology institutions, acting as cells for innovation and incubators of entrepreneur talent, youth entrepreneurship in no matter of time will surpass the boundaries of diminishing economic opportunities, red tapes of bureaucracy, poverty, extremism, unsteady political conditions, social setbacks and other such deterrents.

Entrepreneurship in general and youth-led social entrepreneurship in particular, does not necessarily provide a one stop solution for all these problems. However, it creates opportunities for expansion of mind, ideas, livelihoods, social structures and beyond. It gives the young citizens a steady ground to ideate, debate, create and replicate at a community level and bring to order a large scale transformation. Resilient in times of crisis, young India continues to build solutions and engineer new products in the country.

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This Independence Day for us is a celebration of a new enterprising India, an young India, one where your spirit and passion is reincarnated like the phoenix form the ashes – corruptions and mediocrity of minds – into new ideas, innovations and dreams with the drive to transform them into reality.

Yes you, the youth of India, still has a lot of learning to do, a lot of growing up to do, a lot more wars to fight for – wars that are not as glorious as the one our grandparents fought some 70 years back. Yet, they are important wars all the same; and today’s youth is fighting them with pens, microphones and social media.

And this war is fueled with a dream, a vision for a better India, and there is a maddening hunger to see it come true.

Jai Hind!

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