Blissful Independence Day at Tollygunge Homes

As a 2nd year student of Globsyn Business School (GBS), I can personally vouch that the two years I have spent as a member of Kalyani Youth Leadership Forum (KYLF) has made a formidable impression in my mind and helped me to imbibe the practice of selfless social work as an integral part of my life. We, the students of GBS volunteer to do social activities through KYLF, the youth wing of Kalyani – a Bikram Dasgupta Foundation, which not only exposes us to hands-on experiential learning but also helps us into becoming compassionate, dedicated managers.

Today, I would like to take this opportunity to share the very first experiences of a few of my juniors with KYLF on Independence Day, 2018 at Tollygunje Homes for senior citizens.

Independence Day Celebration by Globsyn Business School students

I still smile whenever the glowing faces of the senior citizens at Tollygunge Homes flash through my mind every time I close my eyes. Those pure heartfelt smiles, those feeble grips that reflected their inner strength, that organic love which they bestowed upon us with words that were brimming with trust created an ambiance for us that was nothing short of pure gold!

Performance at Independence Day Celebration by Globsyn Business School students

After being with these unfortunate yet lovely souls for an entire day, when an old man, with a wrinkled, quivering hand reached out for mine and in a trembling voice told me, “You are so kind. Thank you all for taking so much trouble for us. Thank you for this day” – I felt as if I have received the most precious treasure in the world!

The struggles of waking up at the break of dawn, traveling long hours to reach the Home on time, standing in the rain while waiting for a bus, sweating out in the heat – all these were overcome, seemed trivial each time these people blessed and hugged me. For me, this Independence Day at Tollygunge Homes, holds a treasure trove of kaleidoscopic memories never to be forgotten and a feeling to be cherished beyond words. Forever!

by Anushka Pushilal

Independence Day Celebration by Kalyani - a Bikram Dasgupta Foundation

While India celebrated its 72nd Independence Day, we, the students of Globsyn Business School, had an amazing experience, which was an outcome of the Kalyani Youth Leadership Forum’s initiative to celebrate Independence Day at Tollygunge Homes.

I was enthralled on my arrival there, when I saw those septuagenarians and octogenarians stand on their wobbled legs, look at our national flag and sing the National Anthem after hoisting the Indian flag. In their weak, trembling voice, the lyrics of Jana Gana Mana reached a new fervent high!

Independence Day Celebration by Globsyn Business School and Kalyani Youth Leadership Forum

They then came back to the hall and thoroughly immersed themselves into enjoying the cultural program we had put up for them. The elders’ birthdays were celebrated with great pomp. Housie, their favorite game was played and the excitement in the room reached a new high each time a participant won a prize.

Independence Day Celebration by Globsyn Business School students & KYLF volunteers

In this noble cause, I was in the kitchen cooking two dishes for them – paneer with capsicum and tomato and fish curry with potatoes. We served them lunch and I came back with a priceless learning – the value of giving selflessly and in the process, receiving unconditional selfless love.

Their smiling faces, their gleeful cheering during the games, the sparkling mirth in their eyes gave me tremendous satisfaction of being a small part of this huge and noble celebration.

Thank you Globsyn Business School for this opportunity!

by Soumyajit Saha

Independence Day Celebration by Kalyani Youth Leadership Forum

At the Independence Day celebrations at Tollygunge Homes, I felt blessed to have such an opportunity where I could spread happiness in the lives of the elders staying there.

I specially remember my conversation with a very lovely old couple – probably in their mid 80s. They treated me with unexpected warmth as though I was their grandchild. I felt closer to my own grandparents through this meeting. I was feeling very emotional because my grandfather passed away during my board exam and I never got to see him in his last moments. That day, that octogenarian couple made me feel the love of grandparents, once more! have never felt like this before.

I thank Globsyn Business School and Kalyani Youth Leadership Forum for this wonderful opportunity and would like to keep going back to them again and again.

by Adarsh Kumar Shah

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