My Experience as a Student of Globsyn Business School

Globsyn Business School student Experience

I am a student of Globsyn Business School, Batch – 2017-19, currently pursuing my PGDM in Finance Management and the journey of these past 14 months have been incredible so far. Today, let’s explore the place that has become such an integral part of my life in these past few months – Globsyn Business School (GBS).

The first thing that created an impression on me was its infrastructure. GBS has an unique way of designing their campus on the theme of a famous book called ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ where every classroom and even the cafeteria is named after the relevant characters from the book. Apart from having Wi-Fi connectivity all over the Campus, a ‘sick room’ armed with facilities for providing medical comfort whenever required and a clean and hygienic well stocked canteen that serves healthy and sumptuous food, GBS also boasts of bus and hostel facilities for the convenience of residential and no-residential of students.

In these past 14 months I have grown as a person and all this has been possible because of the faculty team of GBS. Each and every faculty member has an unique and excellent teaching style. They are not only very cooperative and responsive but also ever helpful with whatever we need, both inside and outside the Campus. GBS provides every student with various opportunities to learn, but it’s up to us whether we can grab the opportunity at the right time.

Students experience of Globsyn Business School

I had the privilege to be able to gain invaluable experiences by being a part of events such as, Kalyani Youth Leadership Forum or KYLF as it is better known among us. KYLF is a forum formed by the students of GBS, which helps us to imbibe the practice of selfless social work as an integral part of our lives. Through the various social and philanthropic events, we not only try to develop ourselves as better managers and a better human being but also try to work for the betterment of society as well.

Apart from practicing selfless social work through KYLF, we also have an annual fest called ‘Serendipity’ which is more of a ‘live project’ for students. It is a huge platform to show our talent and creativity and test our ability to handle and manage such a big and phenomenal event.

Globsyn Business School - the best business school kolkata

A few days back, we had a special seminar in our Campus called Women’s Empowerment Programme. This programme was designed to help bring in gender equality and mend the gap between men and women, which will ultimately ensure an increased and improved social, economic, political and legal rights of women in the society.

GBS is not just about understanding management studies through lectures and case studies and PPTs. Here we are made to learn through experiential learning, through real life case studies which will actually shape our future managerial careers. Our academic team and mentors also ensure that we grow not just as relevant managers but also as better human beings through the 2 years that we spend at Globsyn Business School.

Payel Das
PGDM Batch – 07
Globsyn Business School

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