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training and development in globsynTraining and development is an integral part of any organization and the Human Resources department plays an important role in the span of an employee’s total corporate life cycle. Though training and development has some generalization in a few aspects but, in each and every industry it differs as per requirement, and when it comes to an industry where staff are the only product, the importance of training becomes much more.

Mr. Pradip Bandopadhyay, HR Head (East), G4S Securities met all the HR major and minor students of Globsyn Business School at a corporate connect session on September 13, 2018 to share his experience and to groom future HR Managers of the corporate world, about the importance of decision making during training processes. In today’s corporate scenario, leading industries are training their staff on how to stay globsyn training and developmentmore updated and competent for their jobs roles and how to cater to the requirements demanded through the help of various technology based training and development. From the session we got to know the insights of the whole process, how it works and why it is important in any organization. These valuable inputs are going to help us immensely in our coming days in the industry.

At the end of the session, Mr. Bandopadhyay invited all the students to a panel discussion on the topic, “Is training really helping the company to earn more, or it is a waste of time and resources for the company?” This is an eternal question that almost all HR professionals has to come across in the corporate world. We all learned a lot from exchanging ideas with each other and at the end, Mr. Bandopadhyay gave the session an appropriate closure amongst a thunderous applause.

It was a great learning session for all of us who attended the session.

Ribhu Chattopadhyay

PGDM Batch – 07, Globsyn Business School

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