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Performance Management System is a tool that is used to communicate an organisation’s goal to the employees individually, allot individual accountability towards that goal, track the progress in the achievement of those assigned goals and evaluating their individual performances. Performance Management System reflects the individual performance or accomplishment of an employee, by evaluating and keeping track of all the employees of the organization.

Performance Management - Globsyn Business School

Mr Vishal Verma, Senior Manager, HR, Techno Electric & Engineering Co. Ltd. met the HR major and minor students of Globsyn Business School in a corporate connect session to discuss how the Performance Management System works in the industry. In this session, Mr. Verma also analysed the different methods of this system, its various implications, how it can help create a learning organisation and how the employees’ goals can be set in sync with the organisational goals and objectives so that through individual personal achievements the organisation, too, achieves its goals.

Mr. Vishal Verma also discussed the various usage and importance of HR analytics and how the data from the Performance Management System can be used in various processes of HR like Talent Acquisition, Learning and Development etc. through proper analysis of the data.

We, the students of Globsyn Business School, also got enlightened on how the conventional processes are now getting replaced by ‘management by numbers’. This also helped us to understand the practical applicability of the Performance Management after we had gone through the theories linked to it.

It was a great learning experience where we got the opportunity to have a thorough insight of what is happening in the industry today. And this will certainly help us in our coming days, as we step into the corporate world in a few months’ time.

Arnab Chattaraj
PGDM Batch – 07,
Globsyn Business School

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