Industrial Visit by Globsyn Students

globsyn study tourHindustan National Glass (HNG) is a forerunner in manufacturing container glasses operating on Pan-India basis with six plants across the country and serving to a wide client-base both nationally and internationally to twenty three countries. HNG is considered to be the undisputed market-leader, enjoying 55% of total market-share in container-glass space. HNG’s lone annual turnover is Rs. Six Hundred crores, with group turnover being Rs. Twenty Four Hundred crores.

The company employs two thousand staff, including workers out which there are permanent and contractual workers too. Rishra Works, HNG’s mother-factory, operates in three shifts 24×7. Having its inception in 1946, they employ ‘Good Manufacturing Practices’ with six unions from various political affiliations running smoothly over decades. HNG’s HR Practices are exemplary across all HR functions like Recruitment & Selection (accords priority to Employee Referrals and other sources) and Performance Management System (where Balance Score Card Method is used for managerial staff and traditional merit-rating procedures for rest). Safety practices are given paramount importance at HNG.

Promoted by Somany Group (Mr. Mukul Somany), the organization is run by professional managers and has around eight HR staff in Kolkata. Trust-Building is the key and the organization upholds transparency and good industrial relations which has helped it to avert industrial disputes. HNG’s major customers are from liquor industry and pharmaceutical industry besides other sectors.

Our HR-Major students who visited HNG, Rishra, got a flavor of HR practices prevailing in the organization. They were benefited to learn from this exposure, about empathy, understanding, trust and compassion being the ultimate elements which will earn mutual charm and dignity from fellow-colleagues in an organization. They also learned that there is no substitute for hard work and no scope for laxity in academics during their study-phase in management studies at the post graduation level, as it will bolster their confidence in tackling various types of problems in industry. Further, how to ensure work-life integration also featured during this Industrial Visit cum Study Tour.

Our HR major students were taken around the entire Plant to visualize how Container Glass is manufactured from start to finish and the various operations involved therein. Various legislation on Factories Act were explained and at the end of this special day, our students returned with added confidence and grit.

Prof. (Dr.) Debaprasad Chattopadhyay

School of Human Resources Excellence
Globsyn Business School

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