April 2019

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“The supreme reality of our time is… the vulnerability of our Planet.” - John F. Kennedy To abstain from falling into comparable snare, the drive of 'becoming environmentally friendly' is running quicker than blood in Indian organizations' veins. From autos to aviations, from IT goliaths to rich inns, from common assets to banks corporate, India is propelling fanatically with green activities. 'Green Banking' is an umbrella term alluding to practices and rules that make banks reasonable in monetary, condition, and social measurements. It expects to make saving money forms and its utilization and physical framework as proficient and viable as could be allowed, with zero or negligible effect on the earth. (IDRBT Distribution August, 2013). Green keeping money is making innovative upgrades, operational enhancements and changing customer propensities in the saving money division. It is a brilliant and proactive state of mind with a dream of future maintainability. Inside Carbon Emanations are created by the bank using paper, power, lighting, stationery, cooling and electronic types of gear. So as to lessen this, banks can embrace 'Green Managing' an account practices, for example, Web based saving money, use ATMs, portable saving money, credit and platinum cards, online exchange of assets, SMS saving money, money and check store machines, e-explanations, SMS alarms, email correspondence, electronic checks amongst others. The expanding inviting frame of mind of the general public has prompted an insurgency known as 'Make strides toward environmental friendliness'. This has pushed all the extensive business organization to change to an increasingly more brilliant and ecological well disposed items and line of business techniques. Today every business associations and companies are embracing 'GO GREEN' idea as a result of the expanding cordial frame of mind of the general public towards the earth. As a dependable corporate association of the nation with its urgent job in financing the monetary and improvement exercises of the nation, banks need to play in tending to the above issues, both as far as its commitments and openings by ideals as a capable corporate resident and as a lender. As suppliers of back, banks can guarantee that organizations embrace condition agreeable practices. Motivating forces by method for offering less expensive assets for embracing green advancements will have a long haul valuable effect on nature. As real implementers of innovation, banks themselves can embrace green practices and along these lines lead the route in this worldwide activity. Additionally, item development and utilizing on the utilization of innovation empower banks and their clients today to decrease the use of assets, for example, paper, subsequently supporting in ecological assurance. The Estimation of Paperless Change There are a few principle classes of advantages that banks can accomplish by adopting a more extensive strategy to paperless handling: Operational effectiveness, profitability and cost decrease: Diminished dependence on manual procedures, less blunders and expulsion of bottlenecks; quicker basic leadership; and less cost for transportation, back-office tasks and report stockpiling. Electronic record keeping: Records in electronic shape can be sought and shared all the more effortlessly and widely over all client confronting channels and back-office bolster

Recently I had the good fortune to attend an event where the internationally eminent philosopher and spiritual guide, Swami Parthasarathy shared his thoughts on the role of education in shaping the mind-body-intellect. I will like to use this platform to share with you my humble takeaways from this session. In the present era, we are witnessing the fall of the human intellect. The lineage in regards to history of human development commenced from age of perception to age of observation, then, from age of scientific inquiry to age of contemplation and finally to the present era. An individual comprises of the mind-body-intellect. We, as human-beings, have the ability to rebuild the intellect. In the present age, humanity has ceased to think, reason and judge. While educational institutions solely provide intelligence from outside source, the human intellect remains emaciated. This is because human intellect needs to be developed from an individual's within, from his intrinsic core. The fall of intellect has left humans with stress, depression and ailment. The world now is fraught with terrorism, militancy and vandalism. It is therefore of dire need to reconstruct and rehabilitate the fallen intellect. The transgression of education must not be from the unknown to the known, but should transcend from the known to the unknown. The right environment, food-habits and meditation can deter the fall of the human intellect, and can also create a conducive diaspora to live life with happiness and bliss. However much the human mind may fall prey to emotion and impulse, the intellect will always be governed by logic and reasoning. Vedanta helps develop a strong intellect which is the trigger to success and peace. The scriptures of Vedanta say that 'herd instinct' should give way to individual instinct as a key to success, and teacher-centric teaching should be replaced by student-centric learning. Intellect is far superior than intelligence and therefore, education must not be thrusted on the learners but must be drawn out from them. Through this the exemplary role of education comes out - helping individuals to live a life replete of happiness, and devoid of hatred and animosity. Prof. (Dr.) Debaprasad Chattopadhyay HoD, HR School of Excellence, Globsyn Business School Image Source: https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/book-with-green-board-background_2244883.htm