June 2019

Young minds from multiple states will soon be thronging the corridors of Globsyn Business School (GBS) with dreams in their eyes in search of a corporate career. Coming from diverse backgrounds, these students will enter the gates of the School as strangers, but after two years, will unitedly walk out not just as proud GBS alumni but as friends for life. With the new academic session just around the corner, we thought of taking this platform to highlight some of the little joys that unity in diversity brings. ‘Unity in Diversity’ is the proverb we have heard a lot about. When we talk about diversity, we do not just talk about race and gender. We talk about a group of people coming together from various social stratas with different cultures, languages, experiences and educational backgrounds, involving in robust debates with differing opinions that has a propensity to spark innovative ideas in the students’ minds. Irrespective of the fact that whether the innovation is applied to management or product, if every person in the group thinks about the problem differently, it tends that they come up with a different conclusion. And that’s because each one of them come from an extremely different area and a different belief system. However, this does not happen when every person in the group is from the same background and the probability is that the conclusion will tend to be the same. To get a better understanding on why diversity matters so much in business schools and how it benefits the students in their professional life, let us go through the following points: Diversity helps students to succeed in their future career. It teaches students to develop kindliness, understandability and sensitivity to human differences. Thus, leading to successful performances in today’s diverse personnel. Diversity grooms students to work in the global society. If you have been admitted into a business school, it means you are already on the threshold of a professional life. And a professional life is diverse in itself because whether it is your employers, co-workers, customers, or clients, everyone comes from different backgrounds. A business school with a diverse student community will definitely help a young manager to survive in the global corporate market. Diversity expands sophistication and worldliness while augmenting social expansion. Somewhere and at some point in time, you will face segregation or antipathy from another group of people. But a business school with a diverse background can always enrich your mind and expand your social circle by giving you the opportunity to interact with diverse people. Diversity helps increase the students’ knowledge-base. Interacting with those who are different from us enriches our knowledge about other people, and this results in creating a strong knowledge base about the world. Diversity promotes creative and innovative thinking. Diversity helps you to think out of the box. It helps you to see the problems from multiple perspectives and let you solve it with innovative techniques. Diversity helps in self-cognizance. Learning from people who belong to different backgrounds and

My name is Chandni Sharma and I’m pursuing my PGDM from Globsyn Business School (GBS). As an integral part of our curriculum, a 10-12 weeks SIP opportunity is extended to all first-year students of the school, which allows us to apply our knowledge, and improve our interpersonal skills, whilst working with various national and multinational organizations across multiple sectors in the real world. My internship experience with Karvy Stock Broking Limited as a Finance Intern has been an eye opening opportunity. Till now I have been exposed to several different departments involving various aspects of finance allowing me to experience working on a variety of tasks. The projects I have been given have allowed me to apply my theoretical knowledge to practical experiences, as well provided me with the opportunity to learn several new skills that I was not exposed to previously. During my SIP at Karvy, I learned countless things about how business work, about day-to-day proceedings in an office and about corporate life in general. I performed several important tasks specific to my interest in the Risk Management field, including training on products and essentials of capital market, equity markets, investment and trading Pitching to clients and learning from the experience on sales presentation. Karvy has not only given me the tools to be a successful professional, but also gave me these tools in a laid-back, fun environment in which everyone genuinely enjoys working. I have also learned how to meet with potential customers explain them the benefits, services and options available in stock market, close a sales call and gain real perspective. They have assigned me tasks which include doing an awareness programme for companies and housing society so that people can invest, earn and learn about stock market. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone pursuing a career in the field of Finance, as at Karvy there is something for everyone. I would also like to thank Globsyn Business School for giving me such a wonderful experience. Chandni Sharma PGDM Batch-08, Globsyn Business School   If you have enjoyed reading this blog, then you will like reading Globsyn Business School’s student, Shagufta Farheen's  (PGDM Batch – 8) blog: Summer Internship Program at Kellogg's

Calcutta Management Association (CMA) introduced a new programme entitled “Knowledge Exchange Series” (KES) in the form of evening lecture sessions, with the basic objective to provide a platform where invited guest speakers will be sharing their learnings, ideas and experiences on a particular theme. However, instead of traditional and often discussed subject matters, the objective of the Series is to bring into focus a few contemporary and “disruptive” issues which are of concern to the present day economic and social life of the country. As a Knowledge Partner to the recently held seminar on 'The Business and Social Impact of Malpractices in Cyber Universe' , organised by the CMA as a part of its Knowledge Exchange Series, Globsyn Knowledge Foundation had the wonderful experience of listening to Mr. Sandeep Sengupta, CISA, Certified Ethical Hacker, MD, ISOAH Data Securities Pvt. Ltd. He broke the entire topic in 2 sections – Cyber and its Malpractices. Mr. Sengupta explained the term Cyber which is all about the internet. He discussed the history of internet that started with Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) and the network is known as ARPANET. In 1983, ARPA adopted Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) which is used to access the internet. He also specified the first browser named as MOSAIC that is used as an interface to access the internet and described the various technical details of World Wide Web, and how fibre optic cables laid under the sea is used as a connecting medium of multiple computers. Mr. Sengupta is in the job of developing new protocols that set standards while exchanging information through internet. He explained the term 'standards' that include data security while transferring information. Current protocols still have some loopholes which leads the security breach, and Mr. Sengupta and his team are in the process of creating much secured protocols that will stop data breaching. While mentioning the cyber malpractices, he mentioned 3 Cs – Communication, Culture and Creativity. The more these Cs are taken care of while data exchanging the more secured the data will be. He gave an example of 'A' in India exchanging message with 'B' in India.  When 'A' send the message, no wonder the message may travel through various servers located in various countries before it reached 'B'. Now in this scenario, there must be stringent legal provisions in the said countries that ensures that data is reached from sender to receiver, without being adulterated. In conclusion, Mr. Sengupta urged the management students to think about standardizing the protocols legally so that there are minimum chances of data breaching and work towards it.   Prof. Kaushik Ghosh IS School of Intelligence

Today, as I get out from my bed in the morning and recount many memories, think of the very existence and growth of Globsyn Group in Kolkata, be it Infinity, TechnoCampus, Software Finishing School or Globsyn Crystals - which are the very foundations of existence and well-being in our professional and even personal life - has happened because of one person. He held my hand, advised and guided me, took me to the power echelons in a city, which I did not know at all during my early days, and laid the foundation of Globsyn Group that everyone knows of today. This person is none other than my very own Nandan Da - Nandan Bhattacharya to many - who passed away yesterday, and I have been thinking of him and his contribution to me, my family, Globsyn Group, and society at large

My name is Shagufta Farheen and I’m pursuing PGDM from Globsyn Business School in Kolkata. It has been more than 5 weeks now that I am pursuing my summer internship at Kellogg's and yet I feel that I started just yesterday! The journey has been rewarding beyond my imagination. It has been an awesome learning experience so far and I would like to take this opportunity and platform to share some of my experiences with you. The Selection I feel lucky to be selected for internship at Kellogg's as there is much demand for getting placed in this highly esteemed international giant. I remember feeling very excited to be able to procure this offer and could not wait to start my journey with Kellogg's so that I could work and learn from the industry veterans and experts. The Beginning It was at the end of April that many of us from Globsyn B-School have started our internships at various organizations like Aditya Birla Capital, HDFC Bank, etc., and for me it was Kellogg's. My first task began with visits to various stores of modern day trade in Kolkata, primarily Big Bazaar and Spencer's, where Kellogg's sells its products. I had to visit these stores and check for stock availability, stock presentation in the stores and whether there is any requirement of new stock. Work at Stores My task was to visit the stores and check the planogram of the products of Kellogg's, and try to increasing facing of fast-selling and/or premium products. During my internship, I have learned that checking the planogram includes many sub-tasks, such as: Checking whether the innovation products are arranged in Diamond Shape and at eye-level. The customers for such products mostly comprise of women, and hence it is necessary that the products are placed at such a height that it becomes easy for them to notice. Ensuring whether the products are placed in a Descending Order, meaning that the higher quantity products are at the top of the rack and lowest quantity of the same product is placed lowest on the rack. This arrangement encourages people to buy the higher quantity products. Ensuring that the products are located in the Power Aisle - the place where customers are bound to go, places like the area around the cash counter, near the entrance, etc. This ensures that every customer notices the products and the more they notice, they more they are willing to buy. Seeing to it that the products have the Right Adjacency. For example, breakfast cereals need to be placed near Malted Food Drinks (MFD), or near the placement of milk, snacks, chips, etc. This way people notice the alternatives or add-ons to the products they are buying and consider buying our products. Convincing the Store Manager to allot More Facings to products that are fast selling and are in-demand and it was my responsibility to explain to him how to reach target sales figures. I will try to give you an easy example, if a product is high priced