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business communication corporate connectWe, the students, are eternally thankful to Globsyn Business School for arranging a corporate session on ‘Business Communication’ with the Head of Marketing Communication, Outotec India, Ms. Aditi Basu. The session, titled “Touchstone – Transforming and Changing the mundane into Motivating”, opened with the three basic influential factors of communication:


  1. The content or the information present.
  2. The choice of packaging or the presentation.
  3. The way in which we decide to engage or interact to drive across the point.

We were made to realize the importance of a few formal courtesies like:

  1. How to keep the Stakeholders of a company appeased which include the investors, customers, suppliers, media, vendors, employees, shareholder, government etc.
  2. The importance of response time and getting back to queries as soon as possible.
  3. How useful it is to be well versed with applications like Microsoft office, One note etc.
  4. The advantages of taking part in various events like Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Conferences etc.

For us, another very important takeaway from the session was how to perfect the art of introducing oneself in the form of a story. The story should be a well fabricated one, but not a falsified one. The three primary questions to keep in mind while writing your own story are:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you offer?
  • Why should I care?

The introduction should be such that it answers these questions in a practical and believable manner. The most important thing to keep in mind is to sell an interesting story without faking it.

Aditi Ma’am also helped us with some pointers that helped us in starting off our presentations in an attractive way, such as:

  1. Dynamic statistics
  2. Rhetoric questions
  3. Humor
  4. Info-graphic communication always works better.

The last point of discussion was the difference between the Conventional approach (where the organization acts as a container, and communication acts as a flow of information from or within the container) and Constitutive or Contemporary approach (where the organization itself acts as a communication – made up of collective perceptions, aspirations, knowledge, vision, value, experiences etc.).

The session was concluded with an interesting and activity based workshop where group of 8-9 students had to come up with innovative business ideas and pitch them in a pleasing and attractive way to a high profile client in a matter of just 30 seconds to 60 seconds.

Overall, it was an enriching experience to have Aditi Ma’am among us. The knowledge she imparted will be with us for a lifetime and will come handy in all walks of life. We will be looking forward to more such interactive sessions in the near future.

Debapriya Pramanik

PGDM Batch – 08, Globsyn Business School

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