Exploring the Future of Education

As said by Heraclitus, there is nothing permanent except change.

The year 2020 saw a massive change in the way we define ‘convention’. A pandemic struck the rising grounds of development like a thunder and down fell its chunk of heavy fencing which guarded us from the reality, i.e. our unpreparedness.

Talking about the education sector, the COVID-19 deprived us of the regular pedagogy which were received in the form of face-to-face interactions in live classrooms. Both the student and teacher fraternity were unprepared and unequipped of the necessary infrastructure to facilitate a leeway.

But with a bull’s eye view of the available tools and options, Globsyn Business School ensured the continuity of the knowledge flow and academic delivery through utilization of all the popular digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Google Hangout, as well as its owneGlobsyn portal and Globsyn Business School Online (GBS Online).

This provided a mass scale encouragement to the students to adapt to the situation and make digital learning the new normal. Earlier on, the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube were mostly used for leisure purpose. Movies, songs, memes were all that young people could get hold of. But this fun and insight filled e-learning initiative made sure that a habit of productive utilization of digital media can be inculcated by even the least motivated of students. The social media platforms facilitated regular live sessions of corporate veterans from various fields, who shared their valuable insights and experiences with the students. The importance of their views during such challenging times can never be underestimated.

The regular curriculum got covered through easily-available educational apps like Google Classroom, covering every minute spec of information that could’ve been delivered. And the facility of interaction was enabled through Google Hangout, where each student got the opportunity to clear the smallest of his doubts, with the concerned faculty.

Also, the B-School has shown its stint in pro-activeness by providing us with GBSOnline– a global platform for digital learning that caters to all the high skill requirements of the post COVID-19 world.

A beneficial combination of all the above-mentioned initiatives ensures that a student of GBS is properly equipped to adapt and fight off the adversities and challenges that the new world holds.

Rishav Gupta
PGDM Batch –09, Globsyn Business School

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