Tech Innovation to Power Globsyn’s Certification Process

Blockchain Certificate GlobsynBeing a trailblazer in various path-breaking pedagogic techniques over 20 years, and following its legacy of being ahead of the curve in adopting technology to aid the various systems and processes of an academic institution, Globsyn Business School (GBS) has become the first B-school in India to use Blockchain for education in order to digitise its certification process – a feat that has yet to be achieved by any other academic institutions in India, and among the very few to have taken this disruptive step globally. Globsyn Business School’s Class of 2018 who got convocated on February 17, 2019, are the first students in the country to have their diplomas on Blockchain.

The process of Blockchain certification will not only be beneficial to students and corporates, but also to other stakeholders like higher academic institutions and the education system in general. Through this process, the students of GBS will be facilitated with a private and encrypted digital key, linked to their diploma that will effectively reduce the time and hassle of having to go through traditional processes for documentation and verification of academic credentials, and this will also make the diploma tamper-proof and eradicate any fake production of the same. Thanks to Blockchain certification, students at GBS will now be able to share the credential of their diplomas with future employers, higher education institutions and any other body which requires cent percent legitimacy of their academic credentials, irrespective of geographic locations. Additionally, certificates issued on Blockchain are perennial unlike paper diplomas, which can be easily destroyed.

Blockchain is a decentralised distributed digital ledger, which is collectively maintained by a network of computers. It can be visualized as a large ledger book, shared among many people (members) who collectively keep the records. No data on the ledger can be modified by a single person without every other member of the ledger agreeing to the change. Moreover, the ledger book is not stored in one place but is distributed among all the members, ensuring that there is no single person who can tamper with the records – a situation which is highly probable in a centralised database. This makes Blockchain technology hugely secure and is predominantly used in the financial services domain. While the adoption of this path-breaking technology is still in its infancy in the education industry, it is believed to carry the potential to make the education system more dependable and trustworthy. There could be multiple areas of application of Blockchain, but the most prominent use case in the education sector is to issue digital diplomas to students.

Blockchain can be also utilized to create an independent learning platform which facilitates the exchange of knowledge between students and faculty, without the need for external control authorities or regulatory bodies. Acknowledgement of excellence in academics can be vastly improved using Blockchain to reward students with digital tokens for their achievements. These tokens could be transferred as credits by students in their future academic pursuits across universities and schools. Using Blockchain, a knowledge bank can be set up for students, teachers, entrepreneurs and leaders, across geographies and economies, to contribute their knowledge and learnings, which can be accessed by them and future generations.

To spread the word on Blockchain education, GBS has been organizing sessions for young managers to know more about the nuances of the technology and its possibilities in multiple business scenarios. The adoption of Blockchain technology is still in its infancy in the country, but we believe it can help make the Indian education system more dependable and trustworthy with its infinite array of possibilities and nature, allowing stakeholders to gain enough confidence to make good use of this technology over time. We, at Globsyn Business School, are very excited to have adopted Blockchain for education in issuing our diplomas – hereby disrupting yet another age-old system of providing paper diplomas to its graduating students – and are sure that it has been a move that will soon be adopted by every other academic institution.

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