Meet and Greet at St. Joseph’s Old Age Home by KYLF

Thirty-five Kalyani Youth Leadership Forum (KYLF) volunteers visited the St. Joseph’s Old Age Home recently, to celebrate the birthday of the resident senior citizens. The entire home was decorated for the occasion by these KYLF volunteers to celebrate the birthdays of the elders’. A number of cultural extravaganza and games were lined up to make this day memorable, complete with a cake cutting ceremony, distribution of birthday gifts & cards, and was later followed by song and dance performances by the student volunteers of KYLF, in which the elders also too, took part, enjoyed and received gifts for their performances.

The moments spent there by the students of Globsyn Business School and KYLF volunteers, were like a roller coaster ride of emotional moments and sentimental memories which they will never forget in their lifetimes. Some of them chose this platform to share their experiences with the world.

1. Divyani Singh – It was a wonderful feeling performing for them and feeling the immense love that they showed to us. I have never had a more beautiful audience to sing to.

2. Shumedha Ghosh Dastidhar – It was a wonderful feeling performing for the elders. As a performer all we want is to entertain others and seeing them enjoying made me very happy. I would love to come back and perform for them once again.

3. Ritiman Thakur – I have taken back some wonderful memories from St. Joseph’s Old Age Home. I lost my grandparent in the recent past, and therefore, with so many grandparents out here, I felt myself to be in a place where I intend to spend my upcoming days of love and peace. Their company made my loss a little less painful. Thank you St. Joseph’s Old Age Home.

4. Tisha Ghosh – It was great being a part of this stupendous event with the elders. It felt really good to be with them for almost 2 hours and put a smile on their face. Wish to come back here more often.

Birthday Celebration

5. Mubasshir Salam Khan – St. Joseph’s Old Age Home, is a kind of home for those all people who for some reason, do not have their children to take care of them in their old age. I felt very emotional when I interacted with an old lady who lives in that old age home because both of her daughters are married and well settled. I was so sad and depressed to see that there are such homes where old people have to live without their families. To give them some moments of happiness, we organized a birthday party for all of them, entertained them with

 dance and song, and we also gave them few gifts and birthday cards. I wish we all get many more such opportunities to visit so that they do not feel that they are alone. I would like to thank Globsyn Business School, as well as KYLF for giving us this opportunity.

St. Joseph's Old Age Home by KYLF

6. Roshni Jaiswal – On the eve and under the brightness of Diwali festival, Globsyn Business School and KYLF decided to spread some light on the regular lives of the residents of St. Joseph Old Age Home, by visiting them and celebrating their birthdays. We tried to multiply the merriment by performing cultural activities like dancing, singing etc., in order to be able to gift them the proper flavor of festivities, but in turn we were surprised when they performed a hexad dance number thereby mesmerizing us while resonating the saying, “Age is just a number”. All in all, the meet and greet programme was very delightful and enriching in terms of exchanging our views with theirs ripe ones.

At the end of the program the senior residents thanked and blessed the volunteers and Globsyn Business School for organizing such an event that brought a smile to their faces, happiness to their souls and made their lives a little more worth living.

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