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Internet has become part of our daily life. We use it for number of reasons like searching for particular information, financial transactions, filling up online applications, gaming, social networking etc. The Internet/Telecom service providers charge their subscribers based on the data consumed/data plan subscribed. It’s known to all that the amount of data consumed during a particular surfing period/session is highly dependent on type of content accessed. For e.g. if anyone watching online video for

Thirty-five Kalyani Youth Leadership Forum (KYLF) volunteers visited the St. Joseph's Old Age Home recently, to celebrate the birthday of the resident senior citizens. The entire home was decorated for the occasion by these KYLF volunteers to celebrate the birthdays of the elders’. A number of cultural extravaganza and games were lined up to make this day memorable, complete with a cake cutting ceremony, distribution of birthday gifts & cards, and was later followed by song

“The supreme reality of our time is… the vulnerability of our Planet.” - John F. Kennedy To abstain from falling into comparable snare, the drive of 'becoming environmentally friendly' is running quicker than blood in Indian organizations' veins. From autos to aviations, from IT goliaths to rich inns, from common assets to banks corporate, India is propelling fanatically with green activities. 'Green Banking' is an umbrella term alluding to practices and rules that make banks reasonable in

Recently I had the good fortune to attend an event where the internationally eminent philosopher and spiritual guide, Swami Parthasarathy shared his thoughts on the role of education in shaping the mind-body-intellect. I will like to use this platform to share with you my humble takeaways from this session. In the present era, we are witnessing the fall of the human intellect. The lineage in regards to history of human development commenced from age of perception to

In my previous blog on blockchain, I wrote about distributed ledger. Now, there is a general misconception that blockchain and distributed ledger is the same thing. It is not. In this blog I am going to draw a fat line between distributed ledger and blockchain. In a distributed ledger system, the data (transaction entries) are written in a file (ledger) and every stakeholders of the system/network are in the possession of the same. As a result

Being a trailblazer in various path-breaking pedagogic techniques over 20 years, and following its legacy of being ahead of the curve in adopting technology to aid the various systems and processes of an academic institution, Globsyn Business School (GBS) has become the first B-school in India to use Blockchain for education in order to digitise its certification process – a feat that has yet to be achieved by any other academic institutions in India, and