Significance of Paperless Banking for a Hassle-free Tomorrow

The supreme reality of our time is… the vulnerability of our Planet.” – John F. Kennedy

To abstain from falling into comparable snare, the drive of ‘becoming environmentally friendly’ is running quicker than blood in Indian organizations’ veins. From autos to aviations, from IT goliaths to rich inns, from common assets to banks corporate, India is propelling fanatically with green activities.

‘Green Banking’ is an umbrella term alluding to practices and rules that make banks reasonable in monetary, condition, and social measurements. It expects to make saving money forms and its utilization and physical framework as proficient and viable as could be allowed, with zero or negligible effect on the earth. (IDRBT Distribution August, 2013). Green keeping money is making innovative upgrades, operational enhancements and changing customer propensities in the saving money division. It is a brilliant and proactive state of mind with a dream of future maintainability.

Inside Carbon Emanations are created by the bank using paper, power, lighting, stationery, cooling and electronic types of gear. So as to lessen this, banks can embrace ‘Green Managing’ an account practices, for example, Web based saving money, use ATMs, portable saving money, credit and platinum cards, online exchange of assets, SMS saving money, money and check store machines, e-explanations, SMS alarms, email correspondence, electronic checks amongst others.

The expanding inviting frame of mind of the general public has prompted an insurgency known as ‘Make strides toward environmental friendliness’. This has pushed all the extensive business organization to change to an increasingly more brilliant and ecological well disposed items and line of business techniques.

Today every business associations and companies are embracing ‘GO GREEN’ idea as a result of the expanding cordial frame of mind of the general public towards the earth. As a dependable corporate association of the nation with its urgent job in financing the monetary and improvement exercises of the nation, banks need to play in tending to the above issues, both as far as its commitments and openings by ideals as a capable corporate resident and as a lender.

As suppliers of back, banks can guarantee that organizations embrace condition agreeable practices. Motivating forces by method for offering less expensive assets for embracing green advancements will have a long haul valuable effect on nature. As real implementers of innovation, banks themselves can embrace green practices and along these lines lead the route in this worldwide activity. Additionally, item development and utilizing on the utilization of innovation empower banks and their clients today to decrease the use of assets, for example, paper, subsequently supporting in ecological assurance.

The Estimation of Paperless Change

There are a few principle classes of advantages that banks can accomplish by adopting a more extensive strategy to paperless handling:

Operational effectiveness, profitability and cost decrease: Diminished dependence on manual procedures, less blunders and expulsion of bottlenecks; quicker basic leadership; and less cost for transportation, back-office tasks and report stockpiling.

Electronic record keeping: Records in electronic shape can be sought and shared all the more effortlessly and widely over all client electronic-record-trackingconfronting channels and back-office bolster capacities.

More noteworthy consistency and responsibility: Secure record maintenance; better access control and information insurance; enhanced review forms; expanded review recurrence by streamlining sign-offs and surveys; and a progressively exhaustive and open review trail.

Alongside these principle benefits, a top notch paperless change can likewise prompt a progression of auxiliary advantages:

Lower land necessities and natural costs: Decreased requirement for physical storerooms and generation assets, along with the related diminished expenses and ecological impression. Less paper and less assets spent making, mailing, and conveying bills and proclamations mean a lower affect on nature.

Upgraded client benefit: Cross-channel accessibility of data enhances the general client encounter by quickening reaction time and capacity to give improved administrations.

Enhanced business congruity and debacle recuperation: Upgraded versatility and reaction to occurrences, for example, surges and fire by disposing of the natural dangers related with paper.

Authoritative adaptability: Extended alternatives to move, merge or re-appropriate activities and react to cutting edge keeping money requests.



The Banking form and services over the period, with changes happening in the communication technology, has tremendously achieved new dimensions. In fact the current banking system revolves around the communication technology and is seeing everyday a new development. The first such change was visual when the banks introduced ATM system in the country as means of interaction between customer and bank through non-manual ways. This was further enhanced through e-banking and subsequently with the mobile banking facilities. ATM were more or less used for the purpose of cash withdrawal and had its’ limitations. E-banking enhanced some of the services, still however, the interaction with the bank in paper format was not completely ruled out. The cash and check deposits, DD requests, FD requests etc. were all being processed with customer interaction in paper form with the bank employees. Also one of the major constraints the customers were facing was the inadequacy of e-banking resources and knowledge available with everyone. This resulted in the customers preferring to go to the banks and dealing directly with the bank staff.

All this was creating the need for use of paper thereby creating pressure on the environment, because more requirement of paper meant more chopping down of trees and consequently deforestation. The ‘Green Channel’ banking is an extremely valiant effort to make banking paperless, through adequate privacy with customer, and also provide quick and timely service to the customer. The machines being available in the premises, providing security, can be used for educating the customers about how to use the machines and also reduces the stress on the staff working to keep records in paper form. The services being eco-friendly, would help the society in the long run and hopefully would serve as a direction to the other corporate entities to direct their efforts on social friendly governance systems.

Ms. Chandni Seth

Knowledge Cell

Globsyn Business School

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