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A picture is worth a thousand words – and an 'Emoji' can save you that many letters. It is interesting to see how communication has evolved over time, and how funny and interactive pictures can fluently express human emotions without the use of letters. Emojis are cute. It is easy to think they are just for teenagers whose phones are permanently glued to their hands. But, as ever with the humble emoji, there is so much more beneath the surface  –  in form, function, history, and future. They are based on symbols from Japanese comics and express emotions through digital communication. The idea is to provide a reaction when emailing, texting or messaging someone who is unable to see your body language. It is difficult to imagine a world without the usage of emojis, whether it's decoding what they really mean, waiting for the new set to arrive, or thinking of ones that should exist. In today’s communication landscape, emojis allow people to visually express themselves and convey emotions that might be difficult to deliver through words alone. Many companies use them in creative ways to boost their brands online and connect with target audiences. But although emojis might be appropriate at a particular moment, they don't always work as intended. Individuals bring their own personal experiences when interpreting an emoji, so although you might use one with streaming tears after something you found incredibly funny, someone else might wonder why you are upset. Therefore, emojis can get lost in translation causing disconnect and confusion between correspondents. Words have consequences. So do the symbols that stand for them. Professionalism is not the real issue, since many companies, teams, and industries have varying ideas of professionalism. Communication always evolves, and unless an individual belong to an organisation that still think contractions are going to destroy language and the world as we know it, he is probably already using emojis at his workplace. A person may think that winky faces, heart eyes and blowing kisses are fun way to express his appreciation, but when sent to his team, these seemingly harmless emojis run the risk of being construed as 'evidence' of sexual harassment. Emojis allow for open interpretation which is one of the major factors of misrepresentation of one’s behaviour and intentions. Even the skin tone selected could be perceived as racist or ethnic misappropriation. Some past cases and life experiences in an organisation favouring the usage of emojis have faced these tough challenges. Each new emoji carries as much risk of sending unintended messages as rewards. So just remember that each time you sent an emoji, you are potentially playing with danger. Give your emotions a right face Of course there are some pros and cons to using emojis in an office setting. Therefore picking a right face is the most important aspect for this mode of communication to work. For example, an employee should never respond to his boss’ request with a 'pile of poop' icon. But smiley faces and thumbs up are generally good positive