The Role of Education in shaping the Mind-Body-Intellect

Recently I had the good fortune to attend an event where the internationally eminent philosopher and spiritual guide, Swami Parthasarathy shared his thoughts on the role of education in shaping the mind-body-intellect.

I will like to use this platform to share with you my humble takeaways from this session.

In the present era, we are witnessing the fall of the human intellect. The lineage in regards to history of human development commenced from age of perception to age of observation, then, from age of scientific inquiry to age of contemplation and finally to the present era.

An individual comprises of the mind-body-intellect. We, as human-beings, have the ability to rebuild the intellect. In the present age, humanity has ceased to think, reason and judge. While educational institutions solely provide intelligence from outside source, the human intellect remains emaciated. This is because human intellect needs to be developed from an individual’s within, from his intrinsic core. The fall of intellect has left humans with stress, depression and ailment.

The world now is fraught with terrorism, militancy and vandalism. It is therefore of dire need to reconstruct and rehabilitate the fallen intellect. The transgression of education must not be from the unknown to the known, but should transcend from the known to the unknown. The right environment, food-habits and meditation can deter the fall of the human intellect, and can also create a conducive diaspora to live life with happiness and bliss. However much the human mind may fall prey to emotion and impulse, the intellect will always be governed by logic and reasoning.

Vedanta helps develop a strong intellect which is the trigger to success and peace. The scriptures of Vedanta say that ‘herd instinct’ should give way to individual instinct as a key to success, and teacher-centric teaching should be replaced by student-centric learning. Intellect is far superior than intelligence and therefore, education must not be thrusted on the learners but must be drawn out from them. Through this the exemplary role of education comes out – helping individuals to live a life replete of happiness, and devoid of hatred and animosity.

Prof. (Dr.) Debaprasad Chattopadhyay
HoD, HR School of Excellence,

Globsyn Business School

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