Titanium 2018 – the Annual Sports Event

Globsyn Annual Sports

Students of Globsyn Business School (GBS) organized ‘Titanium’ – the annual sports event, which continued for four days from December 17 to 20, 2018. The inauguration of the event was done on December 17 by the Dean, Registrar and Principal of GBS, along with the other faculty members at 2.30 pm on the playground of Globsyn.

Titanium this year added many new games such as PUBG, Throwball and Chess along with games like Badminton, Carom and Table Tennis. All the students participated and enjoyed along with their studies. Organizing this kind of event in the institute not only motivated the students but also filled them with good spirit.

This kind of event also teaches many aspects of management like HR, Operations, Marketing and Finance and gives a practical knowledge to all the students. For example, this time we faced a lot of problem due to the bad weather for the first two days of Titanium and could not organize the outdoor games. However, by dint of contingency planning and appropriate time management and good team work, we were able to complete the whole event on time. Events like ‘Titanium’ also teaches us of managerial skills and the various types of conflicts that might arise, as all the games were taking place simultaneously. This could have created a lot of confusion among the students but all went smoothly because of good team work and planning with the help of Excel.

This is how Serious Fun and the concept of Beyond Education in GBS are implemented and made us learn so many things of management and help us realize our true potentials.

Prof. (Dr.) Debraj Datta
Assistant Dean
Globsyn Business School

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