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At GBS®, our student life reflects what our students do. Apart from impromptu social events that students organise themselves, events such as Fests, Picnics and Serendipity involve each of our students. Apart from these, students also involve themselves in community development services that help them to stretch and expand their horizons.



Conceptualised as a ‘live project’ for students, ‘Serendipity’ replicates a real organization with dedicated teams for Finance, Marketing, Operations, etc. modelled on real-life, who are given the task of running a successful business venture of designing and organising a multi-day large format event starting from accumulating fund (seed & working capital) to marketing, managing operations, managing people & relationships, and showcasing their creative skills. Philanthropy which is an integral part of this ‘virtual’ organisation is addressed by donating the entire ‘profit’ from this project-venture to ‘Kalyani’ – a Bikram Dasgupta Foundation to help the needy sections of society.



An off campus winter event for Globsyn students organised as an ideal outing. Night outs, bonfire, songs and music helps build a team of budding managers uniting them for their future, irrespective of where they work or stay.


Competition & Fest Participation

The students take part in almost all major management events organised by other top and leading Business Schools and educational institutes. Apart from taking part in the annual fests organised by others, our students also involve themselves in selected events of major institutes. Over the years, Globsyn Business School has won several prizes in Quiz competition, Ad contests, Debates, and management games.


Care for Society

The act of giving back to society from an early stage of their life, and in the process evolving into a more finer, sensitive and caring individual and human beings is at the very heart of Kalyani’s work and thus we see Kalyani motivating a strong student wing to channelise youth interest in doing care for society work. Globsyn students and young volunteers of the foundation undertake a wide variety of activities covering a large gamut of social services under this charter. Additionally, while contributing and giving back to is extremely important, this immersion in such activities also helps our students to pick up critical work skills, management and leadership skills.