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Dr. Subir Sen

As we stand at the juncture of this new millennium, business and industry rest on the sharp edges of a double-sided sword. On one side industry is faced with enormous opportunities poised by the rise in the aspirations and disposable income of around 4.5 billion middle-class population spanning emerging economies like India and China; while on the other side we are faced with businesses that do not have the potential to become resilient to change and are atrophying at a pace like never before. Change is engulfing us from all sides, older paradigms are fast outpacing newer ones. Survival of the fittest has long become extinct, and survival of the most innovative is slowly giving way to an emerging paradigm – ‘survival of the most adaptable’.

At the business forefront, challenges abound: economic liberalization has become indispensable, boundaries between industries are falling, leading to convergence, product life-cycles are increasingly becoming shorter, technologies are proliferating in a flat world, innovations disrupting existing industries and a lot more. In this emerging era, the future will belong to those who can manage change seamlessly across boundaries.

To this end, Globsyn Business School (GBS) has designed AICTE approved industry-recognized Post Graduate Management Programme, drawing from a rich experience that started nearly two decades ago. Keeping this backdrop in mind, we at GBS have created an ideal learner centric environment that attempts to ignite a spark in the minds of budding managers of the future, who are going to lead this change. To cater to their aspirations GBS has incorporated a curriculum that draws from the best practices of traditional and modern management, from East and West, focusing extensively on experiential learning. The concepts are delivered by an eminent faculty team that combines a rich blend of experience from industry and academics. Further, students undergo rigorous summer internship and mentorship processes which transform these young minds to not only be ‘industry ready’ but also become ‘industry relevant’ managers. It also has a well networked Corporate Relationship Programme (CRP) cell that facilitates students’ transition from academics to industry.

GBS not only aspires to create managers of the future, but also ethical, caring, and responsible corporate citizens. They hold the potential to transform businesses and influence society as a whole. If you wish to be a part of this exciting journey, we welcome you to come aboard to transform yourself and your career.

Dr. Subir Sen

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