We Walked into GBS on This Day 20 Years Ago

We Walked into GBS on This Day 20 Years Ago

Editor’s Note
This personal reflection captures the transformative journey of an alumnus at Globsyn Business School, highlighting the initial challenges of stepping into a dynamic and diverse educational environment. The author, an alumnus of Batch 03, candidly shares his journey from apprehension to confidence, underscored by pivotal moments of growth during his time at the B-School.

The first day at the Globsyn Business School (GBS) was nothing short of a revelation. I had heard that it was a relatively new institution and, expecting no more than 50 students, I anticipated an intimate, almost cozy setting. However, when I arrived, a buzzing rooftop scene filled with 130 eager faces greeted me. The sight sent shivers down my spine; I had never seen so many people gathered for a single purpose.

Coming from a small place in Odisha, I was acutely aware of my weak communication skills. The very idea of speaking in front of a crowd was enough to unsettle me. Yet, here I was, surrounded by a sea of articulate, confident individuals, each seemingly more prepared and poised than the next. The contrast between my background and the cosmopolitan ambiance of GBS was stark.

As the day progressed, the initial orientation sessions gave way to introductions and ice-breakers. The classroom, with its panoramic view of the city, became a stage for personal stories and aspirations. My turn to speak came sooner than I had hoped, and I remember my hands trembling as I held the microphone. My voice quivered as I introduced myself and shared my journey from Odisha to GBS.

The most daunting part of that first week was undoubtedly our initial project. We were required to present a business idea in front of the entire cohort. The prospect of standing on a stage, under the spotlight, and speaking to such a large audience was terrifying. My fear of public speaking had always been my Achilles’ Heel, and now it was being tested like never before.

However, as I stood there, heart pounding and palms sweating, something remarkable happened. I found my voice. The supportive nods from my peers, the encouraging smiles from the faculty, and the sheer determination to overcome my fear spurred me on. My presentation was far from perfect, but I got through it. That moment was a turning point.

Looking back, those early experiences at GBS were instrumental in shaping who I am today. They taught me resilience, the importance of stepping out of my comfort zone, and the value of effective communication. The journey from that nervous, timid newcomer to the confident professional I am now has been extraordinary.

GBS has been more than just an educational institution; it has been a crucible of transformation. The friendships forged, the challenges overcome, and the lessons learned have all contributed to my personal and professional growth. Reflecting on my time there, I am filled with gratitude and a sense of accomplishment.

The journey has indeed been great.


Deepak Tiwari
Director – Client Account Leadership
Accenture, India


Alumnus, Batch 03
Globsyn Business School