With Globsyn Group’s background in technology, for over 25 years, Globsyn Business School (GBS) has strategically adopted technology in every aspect of its operations. From enrollment to academic delivery, research and innovation to placements, the institution has showcased a comprehensive approach to harnessing the power of technology, with its dedicated in-house technology team. This approach has not only strengthened its operational efficiency but has also significantly enhanced the educational experiences of its students.

Some of the technology innovations of GBS, over the decades, are:

eGlobsyn – All students and faculty of GBS have access to ‘eGlobsyn’ – an extremely robust, Online Learning Management System with web 2.0 applications and cloud computing. Study materials, presentations, faculty notes, pre and post study material and other knowledge driven components are available online. This system facilitates students to track their own learning using a variety of assessment tools. Students are also expected to use the system to appear for online quizzes, tests, and prepare for the pre-study assignments. ‘e-Globsyn’ is a unique initiative that would integrate knowledge management, social networking and active learning tools under a single login system.

eLibrary – A part of the eGlobsyn LMS, the eLibrary is a digital repository of GBS with more than 500 books and 100+ videos added every week, available for use by the students and faculty of the B-School.

Examination Platform – An extension of eGlobsyn LMS, this platform allows the students to appear for online quizzes, tests, and prepare for the pre-study assignments. The system also facilitates students to track their own learning using a variety of assessment tools.

GBS Direct – Conceptualized in 2013 as India’s first fully online admission system, GBS Direct allowed students to apply for their higher education from the comfort of their homes. Today, this legacy continues in the form of an AI-based technology platform that provides the students with an easy process to help them gain admission to the B-School.

Outcome Based Education Platform – GBS uses a dedicated cloud-based LMS for automating outcome based education for its students.

Hybrid Learning Model – The power of this learning format lies in the fact that the students, regardless of their chosen post-graduate management programmes, can continue their courses remotely and/or re-live the physical classroom experience. GBS has seamlessly blended physical and online modes of education to enable students to make that choice through its learner-centric mode of education, coupled with a robust use of technology. These spacious classrooms, with all modern teaching, aid the students to focus on dialogues rather than monologues, and helps them to ‘learn and unlearn’.

Secure Certification Platform using Blockchain Technology – GBS has been one of India’s leading AICTE approved B-Schools to offer its diplomas on a Secure Certification Platform using Blockchain Technology, way back in 2018, making it among the very few to have taken this disruptive step globally. This platform effectively reduces the stress and hassle to go through a traditional process of documentation and verification of academic credentials. The technology ensures the issued diploma to be tamper-proof and eradicates the chances of falsification. Students of the B-School can now share the credential of their diplomas with future employers, higher education institutions, and any other body that requires genuine legitimacy of their academic documentations.

GBS Online – A global platform of digital learning, GBS Online delivers content on Management, Vocational, and Foreign Language courses. Built during the early onset of the pandemic as a comprehensive Student Development Program, which was not limited to the students of GBS alone, this asynchronous platform allowed over 40,000 minds, globally, to continue learning while being confined to the walls of their homes.

Inside Globsyn – An employee-friendly portal with several tools to automate HR and Admin functions in the B-School.

CRP Portal – The CRP Portal, a dedicated portal through which placements and corporate interactions are managed in GBS. With thousands of job opportunities available across multiple domains like Financial Services, Consulting, Education, FMCG, IT/ITES, Manufacturing/Paints, Ecommerce, Media, Hospitality, amongst others, the CRP Portal is helping GBS students find a career footing with these job opportunities.

Chatbot – GBS uses chatbots in various functions of its operations and is developing several to give students and employees access to byte-sized knowledge and information on the go.

Technological Agility and Resilience – GBS is on the path to incorporate Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and other emerging technologies, to make its pedagogy more immersive and self-paced.

The B-School’s dedication to providing a holistic technological experience is evident in the diverse array of platforms and tools it has developed, as they collectively contribute to creating an environment where learning is not just a process but an immersive, dynamic, and interactive journey.